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Hollow Earth Explored – History of Mankind

Is Earth hollow? It was, though it’s not now anymore. The reason I say that, is because in the centre of the Earth, a long, long, long, long time ago – when the Atlanteans and Anu were still busy deriving their plan; when Anu brought up here, right next to Earth to be able to extract gold in the making of gold, and the manifestation of gold from the lava within the centre of Earth – the interdimensional gravitations placement in the center of Earth – manifesting gold, all within the Earth’s core, and above, and in the centre, etcetera – they did create, like, a… – this was now before everything became manifested – please, human beings, hear me – before everything became manifested, they placed an interdimensional metallic placement within the centre of the Earth’s core. The reason for this is: that’s where the beings ‘remained’, of the Annunaki, that’s where they ‘remained’ while extracting gold from the Earth’s core, which they manifested with the crystalised diamonds that were in the four corners of the world.

So, that’s where they stayed – though, Nibiru was still separate from Earth; next to Earth, but not in Earth. So, that’s where some beings from the Annunaki race ‘remained’ – only some, not the entire planet, only some – and this metallic placement was put around to make sure that the Annunki’s race doesn’t correlate, or form a relationship with the Atlantean race. Because remember, that was said, that the Atlanteans did not feel comfortable with the Annunaki inhabiting their planet, because of the inter-relationship that may occur, and may influence the Atlanteans’ expression, and the Annunaki’s expression, etcetera.

So, this metallic layer within the centre of the Earth basically made sure that this inter- correlation doesn’t exist, or inter-relationship – so that the Atlanteans and the Annunaki don’t influence each other’s expression within existence. So, this metallic placement within the center of the Earth’s core basically separated and formed a complete interdimensional vacuum within the center of the Earth’s core, so that the Atlanteans and the Annunaki race don’t influence each other. Though, I told you that the Annunaki race, through time, then inevitably had to leave – so, they left, and there was, like, a hollow space in the centre of the Earth’s core – but it’s not there anymore, because it was an inter-dimensional placement.

So – in terms of: as everything solid manifested, the interdimensional manifestation manifested as together with the Earth – but in terms of the lava and everything. It still exists interdimensionally, this metallic placement, it’s still there – though, the Earth is not hollow, no. Thank you very much. This is Jack. .

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