Aggravation Can Cause Spiritual Delays

Living in a world of physicality can be difficult on your heart, mind and soul. There are numerous lessons for all people to learn. Sometimes, it seems as though the issues you have to deal with on a personal level were caused by someone elses behavior. It might appear that you are the unfortunate one to be on the receiving end of a situation that has nothing to do with you. The truth is, you would be wrong. All interactions while you are blessed with this incarnated existence are meant to enhance your soul. Fly with it!

Yes, we are having a little fun with that last line. Like angels, we have an expectation that you will learn to mold yourself to do what is best for you. Learning not to let aggravation become your controlling emotion will enable you to move past the frustrations and hurts; to move past the sins of others and possibly the sins of your own doing. God did not put you here to make you suffer; contrary to the belief of many cynical, negative thinkers. All people and all lessons for your soul or your physical self are intermingled. Everything and everyone has an effect on your future, both on earth and in the blessed, sparkling light of eternal bliss. What we are really speaking of is that you understand that all of your emotions are linked to each other and to everything you do in one way or another. This is why we, from the side of spirit, we will continue to extol your virtues and the virtues of those around you. By doing so, we are intending to get each of you to rise above the normal vitriol when something goes awry.

When anger and frustration grip you like a vice, then you are sending signals everywhere that you would prefer to be unhappy and stuck in your emotional quagmire. Lift yourself out of it by forgiving those who have wronged you. More importantly, forgive yourself for making mistakes. All souls make them! You do not have the market cornered on errors, misjudgements or deceitful activities. God and Spirit will help you to deal with them, but first you must connect with the level of purity that is harbored in the child within. You are a blessed piece of God and should not think you are beyond repair or unworthy.

It is only when you repeat erroneous behaviors that you know are wrong, and keep refusing to improve on it, that Spirit may put some roadblocks in your way. It is not meant to scold you, but the act is designed to elevate your level of respect for yourself. If there is no self-respect, it will lead to continued depression and errors in judgment, along with more aggravation and frustration with anyone around you. In the end, it is a vicious cycle that can easily be halted when you request help from the guardian angels who are in your midst. They are available to you in the form of Godly energies, but they also come in the form of angels on earth. In other words, there are people who can help you to grow and expand who are placed in your life. Sometimes, they may have been put there years ago, while other times they could have been a sudden addition to your circle of friends.

With all of that said to you, it is important to retain the fact that anger, depression and similar emotions are just wasted energy. They delay your goal in life. That goal is the gift of yourself that was entrusted to nurture the soul within you. Through it all, you are loved and special in the eyes of the Creator. Accept this and you will start to heal. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.

Source by Jim Fargiano