Beyond Limiting Belief Systems – Coming Upon Our Own Inner Christ

In the absence of non-conceptual understanding, we can now see how many religious institutions remain stuck in perpetuating an intellectual, up in the sky God — programming their adherents with delusional conditioning. When such conditioning takes root in the mind scriptural interpretations become totally untranslatable thereby incomprehensible at any practical level; thus lack of mature understanding becomes the real enemy of spiritual enlightenment for many. Wearisome, feeling its easier following the crowd, many settle for conceptual knowledge unaware of its controlling potential at the deeper level of mind. With programmed mind-sets we are journeying without to finding God rather than within. Often referred to as “one-track minded”, conditioned belief systems or subconscious thought patterns become grooved into the deeper mind thereby furnishing the conscious mind with distorted perceptions of not only our own inner spiritual status, but the entire Bible’s real message of Unconditional Love through Christ within. In other words, the intellect, functioning through whatever color glasses the mind is programmed and conditioned into, accepts the mind-set as true, accepts and reflects only this pattern in their life as reality — the conditioning becomes the film we watch and live by daily. With conditioned knowledge, we are either reacting from such, or defending it. We base our entire world around an illusion, therefore incapable of seeing / hearing Truth; by this subliminal denial of our own inner Christ nature, we accept the shadow for Reality.

Crucifying the lower Ego

On the other hand, Heart-centered or universal consciousness — resultant from regular meditation — is divine experiencing which has its basis in pure transcendental silence — Authentic reality. Our purpose here on Earth is about coming upon this pure transcendental silence thereby activating expansion of divine happiness — becoming conscious in cosmic nature or Christ-Consciousness. But the stumbling block for many in this regard, I feel, is confusion initiated through non-nonsensical dogma: confusion that the historical personality of the man Jesus is the same as the biblical Jesus — they are not one and the same person. Biblical Jesus is referring to a process of inner awakening, to the necessity of spiritual realization and is not referring to historical events or people no matter how saintly these souls were at the time. This biblical process or dynamic is through crucifying the lower ego leading to a spiritual or soul personality, which is the hidden message behind the Crucifixion as we know it. Keeping it literal, religions never explain this crucifixion and its related esoteric symbolism. The Crucifixion symbolizes overcoming the lower ego, with meditation as the practical means of achieving such. Known in the Bible as Galgotha — meaning place of the skull — this crucifying takes place in the human mind on a daily basis in meditation. In other words, meditative silence is the way of crucifying our lower nature thereby awakening our higher spiritual faculties unto direct experiencing of Divine nature or Christ-Consciousness.

Scriptures are mostly metaphysical composition, symbolism language which bear no semblance to literal interpretation. Biblical knowledge is not about accumulations of historical facts and trying to create a reality to justify them, rather, biblical knowledge is primarily instructional of coming upon our own Christ within. Thus the Bible is a Master book of instruction in gaining expansion of human consciousness into Christ or Cosmic consciousness, leading eventually to God-Consciousness. In this context, formal religion, I believe, in its propagation of literal Bible, renounce their responsibility of guiding flocks to know their own True reality, their own inner Christ. The word religion translate re-unite — meaning reunite / transform mind, body, soul into Christ-Consciousness. Is this being achieved, we ask.

Congregations trust that their born-into family religion knows best thus follow no matter what its biblical interpretations. But this is where we need to be brave — if it does not feel right then its not right.

Without direct experience of the human soul emerging from its spiritual hibernation, there is a tendency to settling for others’ belief-systems to appease the lower ego which only consolidates fear of change lest we might offend our church leaders and God — and this is what some religions rely upon. Instilling fear into others is a sure sign of spiritual, moral / ethical bankruptcy; it’s what lower ego generates in abundance. Therefore, because it chronically upsets the natural cosmic rhythms of the soul and contradicts the Spirit of God, fear-based Tap roots must be eliminated. For actual spiritual growth taking place, change leading to consciousness expansion is vital — a dynamic central to all creation and the universe. Think caterpillar / butterfly: one sees death the other sees life. Which are we?

Personal Responsibility

In this context, well-intentioned souls might assume that in becoming Christ-blessed we have only to agree with those considered our spiritual superiors, those who convince most persuasively on literal Bible. That somehow, by ticking the “I agree” box in mind, God will notice our concurrence and bestow soul sanctification. If merely hearing or reading well-crafted pulpit words as sufficient for divine transformation, then the problem of world peace, both personal and global, would surly have dawned on Earth by now. Deep down we know this to be true, that something is not working through indoctrinated mind-sets of God. The message of personal responsibility to spiritual Enlightenment has been lost to greed, corruption and manipulation at individual, institutional and corporate level – this is not being judgmental but a reality fact.

I was reading an article recently by an eminent American journalist who stated that the Sermon On the Mount did not in any meaningful way address world problems, it fell short of solutions, the article stated. This is an example of personal responsibility avoidance, of shallow corporately-driven understanding on the Journalist’s part, of not directly knowing their own higher Self and what the Beatitudes essentially are endeavoring to highlight — individual Self Realization.

Dwelling on historical individuals – male / female — is a subliminal denial of our own True potential: “I have come that you may have life in all its fullness” – John 10:10. “I have come” is the experiential Presence of our own inner Christ, not in the future, but now, and, “I” is the eternally-existing Christ-consciousness which becomes our standard everyday expression by way of coming upon transcendental pure consciousness in daily meditation. Failing to see practical transformative biblical instruction as this is how literal interpretations inevitability lead to disillusionment of its faithful followers, and the ensuing detrimental effect on the global world.

No matter how virtuous the intention, staying on the surface level of mind in prayer does not achieve transcendental Christ-Consciousness. A purified cranial nervous system, by way of meditative silence, leading to Kundalini / Chakras awakening, indeed paves the certain way – Isaiah 40:3 puts it: “make straight in the desert a highway for the Lord”. This highway is within, and when realized, represents our highest level of spiritual evolution on Earth. And finally, surly one of the Bible’s greatest instructions: Psalm 40–10: “be still (in mind) and know (in heart) that I (eternally-existing Christ-consciousness) am God”. This Psalm is clearly instructional to mental silence meditation. When Divine Presence becomes known as the “I” of our own spiritual consciousness, then it’s that “I” which translates “I and the Father are One”.

Source by Raymond Patrick Phelan