Connecting With Your Spirit Guides

From the time I learned to meditate in 1989, I connected with spirit guides. My guides would encourage me to write down the messages that they wanted to share with me and others.

Over the past twenty years I have had great joy relaying these spiritual guidance messages to family and friends. Spiritual guidance is available to everyone and you can connect to yours intuitively using the tool of meditation.

Meditation is the most profound way that you can connect to your guidance and only when you are deep in meditation can you be truly sure that your guides are connecting with you. To meditate deeply, you need to let go of all of your thoughts and feelings and really listen to the source within that guides you. Your intuition is more than just your gut feeling, it is your access point to your spiritual guides.

How to know when you are connecting with a guide.

A spirit guide leads you lovingly. As you allow yourself to let go deeply in meditation you will begin to tap into the energy of your guides. You will feel a sense of love and joy welling up from within, a knowing, an understanding. This will be your true guide, one who loves you unconditionally, one who leads you to grow courageously in the direction of your highest potential, one who permeates love. A spirit guide will teach you to follow your heart. A guide is one that coaches and nurtures you to achieve your goals and desires.

Spirit wants you to look deeply within and find the very essence of your being, your heart’s desires and begin to live your dreams, to bring them into reality and learn to enjoy your life more fully.

Trust in the guidance you receive from your guides so long as the messages are filled with unconditional love. Spiritual guidance always benefits you and others, if you feel that your guidance would hurt anyone it is not of the highest spiritual guidance and should be ignored.

Guides are loving messengers from the spiritual realm. As such they would never do anything to harm you or any other being. Spiritual guidance is loving energy poured into your life to encourage you to live authentically.

Connecting with your guides is an opportunity to wake up to the fullness of your potential. When you are united with your guides and use your intuition you will feel as if your life is magic. Everything will begin to take on a new radiance as your dreams begin to come to fruition. Deep within, you know the desires that you yearn for and if you listen more closely during your meditation you will find the guidance that you seek. Follow your intuition step by step and you will live the life that you dream of.

Source by Cheryl Cattarin