How to Understand the Spirituality of Angel Tattoo Designs

Among the most popular tattoo designs are the angel tattoo designs. Whether the angel inscribed on the tattoo enthusiast’s body is in whole or in part, there are many reasons why the angel tattoo design has achieved the esteemed status it now possesses. Among the most enduring motifs in the tattoo industry, the angel design has several important symbolic elements that make it an option that more and more tattoo enthusiasts are enjoying.

Traditionally, the angel tattoo design is used to symbolize various virtues, one of which is spirituality. In mythology, the angel is a creature often associated with the god. Because of this, it is one of the most fitting design motifs for people who are into spirituality. In the heart of the hustle and bustle of modern day living, one of the most important stress relievers that many frazzle nerved people are returning to is spirituality.

While not everyone can be religious, and while not everyone can stand by the many edicts and rules of religion, most people recognize the need to center their lives on the spirit simply in order to make it through to another day. The angel tattoo is one of the ways people use for this.

One of the characteristics of the modern world is the loss of the original human contacts. Because of this, a return to inner spirituality is called for, and the angel tattoo is seen as one of the perfect combinations of both modernity and spirituality, embodying a deeper understanding of both what the divine could be and what is lacking and must be compensated for in life in the twenty first century.

Another enduring characteristic of the angel tattoo design is the creative powers of the angel. Again returning to mythology, the angel is one of God’s helpers when the time came to create the universe. Because of this, the angel is associated with creativity, and many people are turning to this characteristic of angels today.

For some, the creative symbolism behind the angel motif is an excellent marker for tattoo enthusiasts who want to commemorate their turning over of a new leaf, with the angel as a reminder of the new and the freshly created. For some artists, on the other hand, the angel is a symbol of the creative possibilities of their art or craft.

For others still, the angel tattoo design is the guardian that stands by people in their darkest hour. This is the reason that people who want to commemorate a newly met loved one or an important person that has passed away is through the angel tattoo, to symbolize the guardianship that the person has done or promises to do to the person.

Whatever the symbolism that is attached to the angel tattoo design, one characteristic of the angel that cuts across all other meanings that the ever iconic angel possesses is a certain lightness of heart that cannot be denied. One of the essential features of an angel is the wings, and when it comes to angel tattoo designs, the wings do not only stand for the ability to fly, but also a certain airy lightness of the angel’s own character. This alone is reason enough for many people to choose the angel for their tattoo design.

Source by Dylan Douglass