Jamais Vu: The Spiritual Secret for Discovering True Love That Lasts a Lifetime

As an emotional empath, spiritual intuitive and relationship advisor the one question we get more than ANY is about how to create enduring love in a romantic relationship. After all… its’ cliche to say that it’s NATURAL for the “spark” to disappear after a while, because MOST people already know that, and unfortunately experience it everyday.

That’s why most relationships end up in state of simply a good plutonic friendship at best. Or indifference, or even contempt at worst. (and that’s the people who end up staying together, too!)

I want to share with you the secret of TRUE romantic relationships that last forever.

Yes, it has a spiritual or psychic sounding name… simply because it’s a spiritual concept.

But you don’t need to believe in soul mates, or karmic connections, or the psychic, emotional energy that connects people in love to understand that it’s true.

(in other words… even if you’re skeptical, this concept WILL work for you!:-)

Everyone knows the feeling of deja vu. The idea that you’ve met someone, or loved someone or have experienced something at some point in the past, even though in your conscious mind you don’t remember it. The idea is typically a spiritual one, in the sense that people who believe in deja vu often ascribe those experiences as having happened in a lifetime, or a state of energy, or awareness that is beyond the body as we know it. (for example – a past life, or in a precognitive dream, or in some state of grace where the ordinary rules of reality don’t apply!)

Jamais vu is the exact OPPOSITE of deja vu. And in some ways, it’s the most powerful way to connect with your soulmate in a way that is grounded in deep reality, yet can lead to a lifetime relationship of bliss, beauty and becoming, especially if you practice it faithfully.

Jamais Vu means, rather than feeling like you’ve known someone BEFORE when you meet, instead… it denotes, experiencing meeting them or the very FIRST time, each time you do.

It’s an attitude, and an energy and a way of living that can transform your relationships with others that you love and care about, as well as with yourself.

Each day you wake up in the same relationship, but rather than treating it like it’s something old, you see it as something NEW, through fresh and new and excited eyes.

When you look at your lover tonight, rather than seeing him as familiar… see them as FRESH and exciting and magical and mysterious.

Because that feeling is truly what makes a new relationship feel so good. And once it disappears, once we feel like we know it all, there is nothing left to explore… and that electric energy of the unknown, disappears.

If you can think of each and every experience as new… even if you’ve done it a million times already, your life WILL be transformed.

You don’t need to believe in soul mates like me to see it work. You don’t need to be spiritual, or believe in karma, or that the universe WANTS you to succeed like I do. You only need to be willing and ready to look at true love for the very first time… each and every day. In my view – that’s what we are truly here to experience, and if you allow yourself to see the world through jamais vu colored eyes, that’s the world that will smile back at you as well – I promise!

Source by Angela Zoile