Lost Babylon. Documentary film of Georgian esoteric writer Givi Alaznis’Pireli. First part.

SOS from Georgia!!!
We present first part of the documentary series “Lost Babylon” by the Georgian esoteric writer Givi Alaznis’Pireli. Three topics are developing simultaneously: the main cause of strong earthquakes was identified; Second: where does the soul go through a long black tunnel after death of the body. According to the Author, during this period a soul passes through the Dipole of the Universe and finds itself in the main space Proton; And the third one: according to ancient knowledge, the biblical promise – “The descent of the Lord’s Sword from space down to Earth” (so called by Sumerian “Nebiru”) is expected in the territory of Republic of Georgia. Based on the Bible, Givi Alaznis’Pireli tries to convince the people of the world, that nothing threatens other countries in this regard, and it is desirable for their peoples to be at peace.