More Than Friendship: Spiritual Kabbalah Friendship Bracelets

Friendship bracelets are generally given from one friend to another, they are a symbol of friendship. Doubtless, this is how they derive their names.

What is the Friendship Bracelet:

They are handmade, always; usually, from embroidery thread or floss. Friendship bracelets, which are a very spiritual gift, come in many different patterns and styles, however, most are based on the simple half-hitch knot. Actually, the making of these spiritual gifts is a version of the famous macramé. The amount of thread used in making the bracelet may as well and actually usually does vary. The smallest pattern known, that is a double chain knot, requires at least two strings, whereas the candy stripe can have as few as three strings and as many as forty, based on pattern and thickness. Because of their versatility, they are worn by both females and males of all different ages.

Here is one reason why friendship bracelets are considered to be a spiritual gift. The hand-weaving and knot-craft used to make traditional patterns actually stems from Native American handcrafts – and particularly the aesthetics are found among the traditions of the Central American Native Americans. These indigenous people were highly spiritual and cosmic, therefore the bracelets carry some of this wonderful and unique spirituality in them.

Giving & Receiving:

Have you ever received a friendship bracelet as a gift from someone? It is a truly special moment in one’s life or in the life of a friendship. The way it works is this, the friend who receives the bracelet paid for it with all of the hard work, love and positive spiritual energy which went into making it.

Taking off the bracelet before it falls off naturally is a sign that your friendship has gone sour. Still, another variation of this tradition is that the recipient of the bracelet is entitled to make a wish. Now, after the bracelet wears out and falls off naturally the wrist or ankle which it was worn on, the wish will come true. This always works successfully.

The act and art of giving a friendship bracelet to a friend carries great sentimental value and weight; and it successfully shows the friend that he or she is special to them. It is a great of course inexpensive idea for a gift.

Kabbalah Friendship Bracelets:

The special meaning of the traditional friendship bracelet can be enhanced by weaving into it elements with spiritual meaning and power, for example the Kabbalah red string. Since the red string itself is similar to the threads making up the friendship bracelet it fits in perfectly and gives the gift of friendship and love an added value of protection and safekeeping believed to emanate from the red string.

Source by Michal Freizen