Prophetic – Increasing the Seer Anointing

Eyes are for seeing. We are in a time when spiritual blindness is giving way to the open visions of the Seer prophets. Many are rushing in to the supernatural realms of God to gaze upon His majesty and to learn the secrets of those things that were, and are and those things yet to come. There is great grace being released by the Holy Spirit as He restores to the earth the prophetic gifts of those ancient men and women of God who spoke for God. This current prophetic movement is rising too unprecedented levels and will increase in signs and wonders. The Prophetic Seer abilities can be developed in your life. Here’s how.

There is a unique relationship that the Holy Spirit is calling every born again Believer into. This relationship is initiated through a personal experience of salvation and then a walking, living relationship with God in the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit desires to bring us into such close intimate relationship with Him that we hear what He is saying and see what He is doing. This is the Key to the prophetic Seer anointing being activated in your life. Therefore, spend time with Him in worship, in prayer and in waiting in His Presence. This sets the stage for visions, dreams and prophetic encounters. Having this relationship initiates prophetic journeys into the supernatural realms of God.

Let me make this distinction. Prophetic Seers are different than word based Prophets. The word based prophet will move into the Holy Spirit realm and begin to open his mouth and the Holy Spirit will give the words and messages. These messages come forth from the inner spirit spontaneously. The Prophetic Seer on the other hand will see images, pictures and scenes. The Prophetic Seer will then describe, explain and likely interpret what he sees. This becomes the prophetic message. How then can you develop this gift of seeing?

Almost without exception every person has the ability to formulate images of things familiar. For instance, if you were to describe in detail a favorite childhood memory, playground, picnic, event, family setting or place, your memory would likely access the visual, emotional and verbal information stored in your memory banks. This specific ability to see the memory images is what I want to identify here for you. The emotional and verbal information is also important. In this article we are dealing with developing your Seer Anointing abilities. The same ability to recall visual images is the same function that the Prophetic Seer accesses when entering the prophetic realm of the Holy Spirit. The Prophetic Seer instead of recalling a memory steps into a receiving mode. It is there in the visual mode that the Holy Spirit releases images or visions. These visions may be of past events at first. In fact the Holy Spirit will usually begin there because those are familiar scenes that you are sure of because you lived them. The Holy Spirit will then take you into a replay of events that may have occurred recently or today. He reviews them with us. Notice the word re view. This is actually what happens. The Holy Spirit will then begin to give us images of random events that possibly could happen tomorrow as we project our thoughts toward some specific task. He will train us in this if we listen and pay attention. When I first began to recognize this in my life I often named this future impression as a hunch. I called it this because I didn’t have a name to call it. The Holy Spirit will test us on this and give us many confirmations in this so that our confidence and accuracy levels improve. These areas are all earth bound events and details that are part of the boot camp training. The next phase is where the incredible begins to unfold before us.

The next phase is the journeys into the supernatural realms. This is where the eyes of your spirit and understanding began to gaze into the realms of God. Literally, the Holy Spirit will begin to take you into trances, visions and heavenly scenes. In these you will see Holy Angels, Heavenly Scenes and the Majestic Presence of the Lord. You will also see and gather up information from the Lord about earth events, details for your own benefit and for others. This is where the Holy Spirit wants to take us all. He wants every believer to live in both the natural realm and the supernatural realm. The Prophetic Seer anointing bridges the gap between the two realms.

Here is a entry portal with advice, to quick start you in this. Take a scripture verse and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal this to you in vision form. Let me suggest the following one because it is a verse that describes scenery. Look up John 5 and read verses 1- 5. Now ask the Holy Spirit to give you a picture in your mind that matches this scene. Quiet yourself and began to receive that scenes details. Do this with other scenes until you can quickly receive what the Holy Spirit is giving you. Now go to a verse such as Daniel 10 : 5,6 or Acts 10 :11 -16 or others. Ask the Holy Spirit to show what these visions looked like. Receive what He gives you. Next ask the Holy Spirit to reveal Jesus Christ to you and then the Heavenly Father and then His Plans for you. Ask Him to show you what He wants you to do and say and how to walk with Him.

You will increase in this as you exercise your spirit eyes within and rely upon the Holy Spirit. If you ask the Heavenly Father for His good gifts He won’t give you a stone nor a serpent. The Prophetic Seer Anointing is being released in this season and you can enter into this part of His inheritance for you.

Source by Keith A. Paul