Real Revival and Spiritual Awakening on the Isle of Skye Off the West Coast of Scotland

“I prayed until my mouth was dry.” From about ten o’clock to six in the morning this man in Strath prayed until the risen living Jesus satisfied him! One group in the north sat outside listening to the Word of God and when the snow came on it just covered them. No one ran for shelter, because there was no shelter to which they could run. These were tough times for very ordinary and yet extraordinary believers in Jesus Christ. Not often do we hear of that type of intensity today.

Do you want a book to whet your spiritual appetite? Then go for this very readable and accurate and historical volume.

Police sergeant Steve Taylor’s compact and concise style of writing recounts the various spiritual awakenings which the Isle of Skye, off the beautiful west coast of Scotland, has experienced, mainly in the 19th Century, but including 20th Century outpourings of the Holy Spirit, as well as the great falling away from God, through formality.

The resistance these folks faced from religious authorities counterbalances the breathtakingly detailed accounts of how God moved among the people of Skye.

God was speaking through various preachers, yet parish ministers refused permission to use the church buildings.

How often men of God found down through the centuries that it has been religious leaders with closed hearts that have the major stumbling blocks to what God was doing?

But God continued to speak and people continued to come to faith, as they listened on the hillsides and by the seashore. The description of these gatherings depict the spiritual depth of what was happening on the island.

These were socially distressing and disruptive days, as many were turned off the land by landlords who occasionally and tragically were supported by what was regarded as the established church.

Thousands forced from their crofts sailed for Cape Breton, in Canada and hence the name Nova Scotia. If you are in any way interested in revivals and spiritual awakenings then this is a thoroughly recommended read.

Amazing happenings, related in this stirring salutary and yet exciting book, occurred all across Skye, as men and women were hungry for God.

There are times when you have to pray, ’til your mouth is dry, to be spiritually satisfied.

Sandy Shaw

Source by Sandy Shaw