Seeing Spiritual Energy Above One’s Bed, Surrounding One at Night – Am I Seeing my Own Aura?

It is true that we are all looking through our Aura at the world around us. The world shows up as a reflection of our personal emanations. We tend to be most sensitive to this at the junction point between waking and sleeping.

As we go to bed at night it can be like going into a kind of meditation as our physiology relaxes and settles down. As our body relaxes our mind also settles and becomes calmer and clearer; and we can become sensitive to the energies in our Aura. Our third eye may open up and we can receive clairvoyant images.

As a child, I used to find that the patterned wallpaper in my bedroom would go into human faces and forms. I feel this was a kind of clairvoyant image perhaps of a spiritual being who had come to visit me; who was using the pattern within the wallpaper as the basis of his or her physical form, and then manifested a little electromagnetic plasma to bring his or her face out of the wallpaper and get it to take shape in physical form a little within the room.

You have also got the astrological influence more at night; when the direct sunlight goes away with the setting of the sun, we are left with the reflected light from the moon and the planets. Perhaps near full moon you notice you sleep less and have strong emotional energy surging through your body?

We are receiving reflections of the full electromagnetic spectrum from all the planets – the whole industry of astrology has been built up to interpret these influences, grouping them under the twelve houses and five elements, and seeking to work out the complex individual influence the planets can have depending on their relative position to your Sun Sign and natal chart and the zodiac characteristics of each sign.

You live in a web of energy which surrounds and influences you every minute of every day. I am not surprised that from time to time you become aware of this Energy.

If you already take an interest in sunspot activities, you will be aware that there can be huge Coronal Mass Ejections (M Class and X Class flares) of electromagnetic radiation which reach Earth 8 days later and create Geomagnetic storms and Aurora Borealis – know locally as the Northern Lights.

Even though we cannot see this electromagnetic radiation from the sunspots we do feel its influence with our consciousness and it can lead to mood changes – for no apparent reason, as the influence is usually invisible, except that we can watch the Northern Lights if we live in the right part of the planet.

The purpose of the above comment is to bring home to you that your body and consciousness are also made of the same energy and that each of our senses just interprets the same energy vibration in different ways. You are a conscious electromagnetic entity. You can verify this by going to have your brain waves checked on an Electro Encephalograph.

Therefore, I am not surprised you can see energy above your bed at night. Given the above mentioned energy fields we live in, I think you will start to become aware too of that. I find it more surprising that so many people cannot see energy, either as an Aura or as energy just being in a room.

Remember, the World is As You Are: you project an energy field in front of yourself and around you which helps to create your reality. The whole philosophy of the Law of Attraction says that you create your reality through every Thought, Word and Action that comes from you. Therefore I recommend positively thinking, dreaming and imagining of a world full of peace, happiness and harmony.

Source by George Lockett