Spiritual Enlightenment: The Journey From Primitive Ego To Second Awakening – Part 2

In the last edition of the Stonyhill Nuggets we explored the concepts of First Awakening in which we learn to transform our consciousness from our unconscious inner-child’s primitive ego to a more awakened observing consciousness. First Awakening is essentially a stage of spiritual growth that is focused on personal enlightenment. It is a spiritual awakening achieved over time by an intentional growth in self-awareness.

Second Awakening, todays focus, is learning to move beyond the personal or “me” focus of the First Awakening toward a deeper awakening or awareness. Spiritual growth in Second Awakening is a more urgent focus on understanding our life purpose. The need to use our unique skills to make a difference in the world becomes our over riding passion in life.

In the spiritual growth of Second Awakening our focus is no longer limited to “self”. Our spiritual goal is concerned with discovering why we are here and learning what it is that only we can contribute to the evolution of our world.

We move beyond the narrow “me” focus of First Awakening to a larger “we” focus.

Our life energy becomes more focused and dedicated toward supporting and evolving our human “community”. As we expand our consciousness and learn to live more sustainably on this planet that birthed us, we become increasingly conscious of learning to work “with” the amazing 14.7 billion year on-going evolutionary energy and the unfolding story of our universe. With Second Awakening, we recognize that up to now, we have been largely working against them.

In Second Awakening we begin to develop an evolutionary spirituality in which our focus and effort becomes oriented toward service to humanity¬† and others… toward the collective evolution of our species consciousness.

Because Second Awakening is a spiritual shift from the “me” focus of First Awakening to a communal “we” focus, our spiritual growth is oriented more toward complexity, increased communication, tolerance, diversity, non-judgment, non-violence, and a true sustained compassion for others. Embracing a deep systemic connection with the rest of creation and manifesting our life purpose becomes our primary spiritual passion.

Unfortunately, most religions encourage its members to by-pass the skills and insights of First Awakening and move directly into the service orientation of Second Awakening… a goal that is rarely sustainable. Until a true First Awakening from our primitive ego has been achieved, the compassion and empathy required to sustain a true Second Awakening is not possible.

No matter how strong the desire to serve others, until we have achieved a true First Awakening through growth in self-awareness, the kneejerk narcissism of our un-awakened primitive ego will eventually undermine or sabotage our good intentions.

Mastering the skills of spiritual awakening means that we have developed the ability to manifest a sustainable compassion toward others. When the “me” focus of our primitive ego has been transformed into the “we” and “us” focus of an enlightened being, our ego is no longer visible. We no longer have a need for rigid beliefs and absolute truth.

The only energy visible to others will be our compassion.

Source by Dick Rauscher