Spiritual Theories, The Doppler Effect

Anyone who has been in a serious relationship would know what it feels like to be approached on the rebound. Our vulnerability is susceptible to all forms of temptation as a respite for our agony. We are open to suggestions and encouraged by any sign of strength we depict believing superstitiously that we can replace the past by another form of pleasure.

This is a natural human misunderstanding on our part.

Why? Simply because this usually never works as in the long run we come to realize that our actions were a mere response to the circumstances we had been through. Naturally we return to a stable state eventually seeking the path we had once walked only to discover that now we are burdened with more grief than was present to start with. Not only are we facing the throes of the past but we now have a new set of problems to deal with.

I draw your attention to this human calamity because it illustrates a trend of activity that is generally abandoned in the spiritual world. In that instance when things become strenuous we seek a listening ear, one that can comfort us from our misery and our virtues of the past suddenly become obsolete. We fail to see what is happening to us and before we know it we are in another disaster eventually wondering how we got there in the first place. The people around us during our misery appear to be our helpers, we call them chosen Samaritans selected mysteriously to save us from our grief, however we usually fail to draw the line of where their comfort ends and our dependency on them begins. Sooner or later we are victims of a new relationship where we instigate the grief by eventually stipulating our love for our previous partners. We become worse off than we were in the past as now we have rebuke from our new partners to deal with and the humiliation and suffering from losing our old partners. It all boils down to looking for alleviation from despondency. As humans this is our plight, we believe that anything that is strenuous, painful to our hearts and minds was not meant to be. Our jubilation only comes when there is pleasure in the flesh and so we would do anything possible to seek this.

The spiritual world offers a different perspective to this scenario. To start with long suffering in the flesh is walking in the direction of the spirit. Here there are two components to deal with spiritually:

Walking in the direction of the spirit allows the strength of light to increase in us giving us further wisdom and knowledge of the word of God.

In the same token the darkness decreases as we move further away from evil but our pain increases as our flesh takes on misery and we are more likely to face temptation from the devil.

In physics, the Doppler Effect is synonymous with this explanation for as the flesh weakens the spirit strengthens and as spirit strengthens so do the temptations that surround us. The devil knows that each time we rely on spiritual supplement we are walking further away from him so he inflicts more pain on us in the flesh making human pleasures and reassurances more desirable. In the end if we fail to notice his subterfuge we become his victim and our problems are strengthened tenfold.

Source by Leslie Musoko