The Darker Side of the Paranormal

The Interest in séances, Ouija boards and spirit communication has risen thanks to TV shows such as Most Haunted and our haunted lives. These shows have also given birth to ignorance and the problems that have arisen from these foolhardy attempts to dabble in the paranormal. Consequently, they have destroyed lives. Walk into any spiritualist church and they will tell you that there is no entity such as Satan and demons do not exist; it is merely a wandering or grounded spirit looking for help. The truth is different and ignorance does not afford you safety. Demons do exist and the darker side of the paranormal is very dangerous. A simple quasi attempt to communicate with a discarnate entity or dabble in aspects of the occult without the proper protection will undoubtedly open a pandora’s box of problems.

More often than not you will certainly not recognize the signs and symptoms of a possession or of a darker force until it is too late. By then, the gateway is open and your simple attempts to cleanse and clear could be little more effective than trying to blow out a trick candle – THE FLAME ALWAYS RETURNS.

The problem that we face is that by our very nature we are an inquisitive species and we will study what we do not understand – thus attempting to gain some kind of reason for knowledge. Often we will try to control the outcome of something in any way possible – even to the detriment of ourselves – believing that we have achieved the Unachievable. Let’s look at a few of these.

Ouija Boards

This is perhaps the simplest and most misunderstood method of spirit communication. According to some sources (Chinese occultists), the first historical mention of something resembling a Ouija board is found in china around 1200 B.C., a divination method known as fuji “planchette writing”. Other sources claim that according to a French historical account of the philosopher Pythagoras, in 540 B.C. his sect would conduct seances at “a mystic table.”

The first use of the Ouija board came with the spiritualist movement in the mid-19th century. Divination at that time was used to gain messages in many ways such as using a planchette that would be controlled by the spirit and used to spell out messages to the sitting individuals. During the late 1800s, planchettes were widely sold as a novelty or a parlour game that was patented by the businessman Elijah Bond and Charles Kennard. These boards are still sold today in there millions.

The spiritual aspect

It is widely known and accepted that the board is used for occult practices but it must be understood that the board is not the problem; it is merely a tool with which the user can focus his or her intent. The intention behind the use of the board is the problem. The user will normally sit with the intention of contacting discarnate entities. Now this is all very well but what if you do not understand how to discern. This is one of the first spiritual gifts that you should develop. It is not enough to be able to utilize your psychic faculties without understanding the internal power of discernment. It is said that a demon can come in the form of light – how can the trusting individual tell the difference. Using an Ouija board is like setting light to an explosive charge. You create what your thoughts dictate and if you have the pure intent that you wish to contact spirit – you will. The trouble is which ones.

I was once contacted by a mother in the north of England who had stupidly decided to use a Ouija board with her daughter and her daughter’s boyfriend. Nothing much actually happened or so it seemed and over a short period of time – paranormal events started to occur in their home. The troubling aspect was that the target of the events was the young daughter. It was she who experienced the episodes including voices, seeing spirits, having nightmares and a general upset throughout her life. Slowly and surely, the mood in the home changed and life seemed out of control. Electricity would blow and objects would disappear. Eventually the mother admitted that one evening they decided to play spirit games and used a makeshift board – a simple piece of paper and glass as a planchette. They had seen this time and time again on TV and thought nothing of it. The mothers desire to become psychic was so strong that she used her own family to get there. Blinded by her own desires she created a portal in the home which invited spirits to communicate – any spirits, and that is when things went disastrously wrong. Before she came to me, she had requested the help of other mediums, and the mediums who came in actual fact could not deal with the problem due to their misunderstanding of the Darker aspects of the Paranormal.

Using the Board

As I have mentioned the board works by intention only and is not the harbinger of some mysterious power. Through this intention, you create a portal with which unseen entities can communicate or visit. These entities will more often than not be grounded spirits or darker entities with malice on their mind. Why someone feels that they can contact a loved one who has crossed over to the spiritual plain (heaven) I don’t know. But suffice to say that if I was in Heaven – I would not want to return to this dark energy we call earth. The only spirits that can be contacted through the utilization of the board are spirits who have not crossed and often these are lower vibratory entities.

A demonic entity may attach itself to a grounded spirit and thus get a piggy back ride – right to your playground. Think about this, do you really want that happening?

Investigating spirit activity

Using Ouija boards is not the only way that problems can occur. In this day and age we can see more and more ‘Ghost Hunters’ turning up and anyone with an interest in the paranormal can start researching ghosts or spirits. The problem we have here is that it needs some form of interaction between the investigator and the spirit entity. We are seeing time and time again, investigators calling on spirits or even challenging them which is like playing Russian roulette with a loaded gun. Professional researchers will always use a professionally trained medium as they know that they need someone who can control and discern spirits. Other non-professional investigators rely on themselves and do not have the luxury of using professional mediums. This is candy to the entity and the games can begin.

One thing you must realize is that we are all energy in motion and are spirits in human form not the other way around. Therefore, it makes sense that these spirits already have a handle on manipulation of energy and know exactly your thoughts and your fears. Never challenge the spirit – for you can’t fight what you can’t see or feel.


A Seance is a group of people – headed by a professional medium and a scribe (who takes notes) – that meets with the soul intention of speaking with the dead. In the correct circumstances and with the right professionally trained people, this can be an effective way of experiencing trance communication. However, in most instances the seance carried out by most people is done through sheer inquisitiveness by untrained and unstable individuals. This is another method of ‘Calling on spirits’ and can be more bother than it is worth. By calling on a spirit you are sending out an invitation for any spirit to contact you and even if you think it is good and from the light – you can be a victim of deception and deception that could cost your life. I said before that a demon can come in the form as a being of light and if you do not have the power of discernment mastered – you are inviting all sorts of problems.

Demoniac activity

I mentioned previously that you could be inviting demons and allow me to build on this. A demon can show itself in the form of light – yet it cannot by definition stand anything from the light and if questioned will show its weakness. However, infestation can start slowly and develop into a full blown possession without anyone knowing. There are 5 stages to Demonic possession;

1. Invitation

2. Infestation

3. Oppression

4. Obsession

5. Possession

Even in our modern times, satanic cults are springing up everywhere and even the Vatican has been subjugated by satanic influences. So secret are these cults that they could be going on in your next door neighbours house without your knowledge. With that in mind – you have a war that is going on right now in the unseen planes of the spirit realm and this war is for the souls of mankind. Is it so difficult to believe that with all the negativity – that satan and his legion of demons are just waiting for the right invitation and dabbling in the occult for fun and without the proper training or experience is opening a portal straight to Hell!!!

Identifying the activity

There are obviously signs and symptoms of diabolical activity and some of these will be more easily noticeable than others. For instance you may start to smell putrid odours such as rotting flesh and will have no cause for the stench. You may also note that religious icons that you may have are often removed, damaged or defiled. The person who may be infested will show a dislike to religious artifacts and may react badly in their presence. There will be an increase in argumentative episodes or even violence. Often in cases that present evidence of demonic influence, there will often be heard noises of animals scratching or clawing and even growls not of this world. The signs and symptoms of possession can be so subtle or right in your face. If you experience any of these – consult a professional immediately.


You can take part in as many clearance rituals as often as you like, but the truth is, if you are infested with diabolical spirits, it will take more than a simple cleansing to be rid of the influences that surround your family, your property and your own life. A clearance using ancient remedies such as sage and cedar will only work in certain occasions such as a grounded or trapped entity that is looking for help rather than being the cause of mischief. If you attempt to use a clearance on a darker entity – you will only anger this spirit and you will cause far more devastation and destruction than you realize. The truth is that Prayer is your best weapon until you can reach out to a suitably qualified individual. I am one of those individuals but have found myself out of my depth at times and always have to revert to the Catholic Church or a suitable religious leader. There is no honour in trying to be a hero sometimes it is better to change tactic than admit defeat.

Finish on a high note

Now all this may sound quite scary and in reality it is, but one thing that you should take from this article is that the realm of spirit and psychic ability is not an easy task to take on. Like all things in life there is the great balance of positive and negative and if you do not understand the balance of its nature – you will surely fall into a dark abyss that can be difficult to get out of. Keep a true heart and study under a reputable source.

Source by Jock Brocas