The Meaning of Being Tall in Various Cultures

There are different superstitions associated with height in different cultures. For instance, in some cultures, being tall means that the person can reach out into the sky and touch the place where the deceased ancestors reside, while in other cultures being tall could mean that the person has the ability to bring rainfall in a drought.

In the ancient times, being tall was associated with gods. Therefore, if a person was tall, he or she could converse with gods and get any favor granted by the gods. So, a tall person was accorded special honor and place in society. He or she was a person who was considered to be close to gods and had the power to get anything they wanted.

If you see the Indonesian culture, the ancient kings were tall. Thus, even in present day Indonesia, a tall person is considered to be blessed. He or she is a person who is considered to have a lot of knowledge and wisdom and therefore, the tall person is respected a lot in Indonesia.

However, the same respect that is given in some cultures does not extend to all. In certain cultures being tall is considered to be unnatural. In some cultures, in the days gone by, a tall person was put to death as he or she was considered to be possessed by demonic spirits. This belief stemmed from the superstition that a person was tall because he or she was taken over by evil spirits who were preparing the person to take over the world.

Therefore, different cultures view a tall person differently depending on the beliefs and superstitions prevalent in a culture. However, no matter how tall or short a person is, he or she should not be treated differently. But this is easier said than done as cultural beliefs play a big role in the treatment of a person.

Source by Kum Martin