The Sinking Of Atlantis

Atlantis has been a word that has evoked wonder, fear and expectations. There has been arguments of the existence or otherwise of such an island. But people never stop to pause on the origin of the name Atlantic ocean, which derives it’s name from the twin islands that sank millennia ago and left indelible impressions on the people who suffered the catastrophe in their subsequent incarnations. Hence the concept will not leave any one alone who was part of the destruction because of an inner knowledge of a cycle that must be closed.

Atlantis rising. Long, long time ago, the first human spirits, at their lowest level of development, incarnated into anthropoid apes, at their earliest level of development. The spirits which replaced the souls of these animals, gradually ennobled the body of these animals. Those that did not receive spiritual incarnation gradually became extinct. Because of the tendency of the spiritual to be drawn upwards, the body gradually assumed an erect stature hence the forelimbs were then freed from walking to other activities. These were the people referred to as the Lemurians or Ape men. At a certain level of their development, a leader was born among them who was to bring them knowledge of the ONE GOD.

But he had to journey out of their current habitation to another part of the world, leaving those still too primitive to follow to perish in the revolutionary earth changes that came afterwords. This was Hjalfder, whose story has been handed down to us in folktales and mythologies, of which remnants appear in ancient European literature.

Long afterwords, a giant race arose at a massive island that was seen at the current position of the Atlantic ocean. This island was divided into the northern and southern parts. The northern part, which did not immediately sink but was later subject to gradual earth changes, comprises the modern day countries of Greenland, together with it’s basins, Iceland, Spitsberg, north east and Kongkainsland, and Franz Joseph land. The southern Atlantic sank completely, except for flashpoints like the Azores island, la palma, the canary islands and cape Verde. This was the giant race of the titans, who dominated their environment for a long time. The last kings of the these two kingdoms were twins, otherwise it was administered by a single king residing in southern Atlantis. But the twins, ororun and orokun, divided the kingdom into two – or their father did that because it is usually the eldest son that takes over, but since they were twins they were each given different parts of Atlantis to rule. These were kings to whom monotheism has been routine knowledge. But they operated a cast system that results in selective dispensing of this knowledge. The result was that, somewhere along the lineage of the kings, the lower casts began to regard them as gods. The lowest of the casts are the slave casts, which are foreigners that either came to see their kingdom and are held captive or those captured in war. These people are divided into districts ruled by an assembly of men. Several assemblymen report to the Erarian, the lowest of the indigenous. These were ruled by the king-priests or armenites, who defer to the chief priestess, or amma-era. The Ama era reports to the king, and is always a woman.

The Divine Power to rule rested on the king, who, though he recognises and worships the supreme God, allows himself to be worshipped as god. For this reason he only worships God in their temple with the Ama era alone, while he allows himself to be worshipped instead of the creator. And that was the Atlantean sin. It was actually Ororun, the king of the south that was most guilty of this. They were ver y close to the giant forces of the element that took on form – people that helped build the pyramids of Giza. Their relationship with these beings were through astral travelling which was never cultivated but comes naturally to them, since these beings are not physical beings. Ororun was warned in a dream that they have only forty nine years for the continent to sink to the bottom of the sea. Meanwhile, Orokun was prevented from visiting his brother during this period by the forces of the element. As the forty nine years were elapsing, all mountains experienced volcanic eruptions thereby hollowing up beneath the continents while the moon moved closer to the earth to maintain the continent in balance with it’s gravity. This, of course, had adverse effects on the Atlanteans who became sick. The more hollowed the underground, the closer the moon until the last day, when it came very close to the earth and suddenly sprang back to it’s position. Atlantis sank under the hollowed earth and water covered the large continent.

The atlanteans died in the deluge, but some of the people – the slave caste – were able to escape on dragon backs. Later generations will discover the skeletons of these dragons and exhibit them in museums as dinosaurs. Some of the escapes tried to continue the Atlantean culture. Hence, for example, the Benin kingdom of the Nigerian coastal regions still worship those kings as their gods – as olokun and olorun, which culture spread to the west coast of Africa. Even the dressing of their kings goes to imitate the armenites dressing, which is surfused in red colour. Even the name of their priest king, oba, means the colour red.

All the Eraryans were later incarnated across the globe, but more concentrated in Europe, where, due to the law of attraction, they come together as the origin of the Aryan race. The fall of Atlantis is a landmark in the development of the human race. But in this new time of earth changes, Atlantis will rise again at the coming of the new star, when the comet runs. But with the sinking of several parts of Europe and much later the sinking of parts of America, especially California. The golden temple of the sun in south America buried under water when almost the whole south America answers the name Peru, will also rise when there will be so much topographical changes of the earth that a completely new earth will emerge as prophesied in Revelations chapter21. And it is the writings that will come up with Atlantis that will authenticate this story in part, since the final episode was not recorded.

Source by Uche Mbah