Undoing the Illusion of Separate Existence

We have to shift our identity from our bodies, which are legion, to our mind, which is one. If you think for a moment of yourself as mind rather than as your body, and then think of yourself as extending beyond your body, you discover that you can actually expand limitlessly. Can your whole city fit in your mind? Why not? How about your whole country? Of course. Don’t stop there, the whole world is within you, nay even the whole universe. Yes, we are limitless consciousness.

We think our ourselves as our bodies only because we have donned a false identity. How is that possible for limitless consciousness? It is possible when we listen to ego, which we invited into our minds solely for the purpose of creating ourselves in our image, that is different from how God created us, that is different from the limitless consciousness that we are in truth.

If you are limitless consciousness, and I am limitless consciousness, where do you end and I begin? We are one. We are all one. When we know this, we have healed the separation. There is only one problem – separation; and the solution is it never happened, in truth.

When a sufficient number of us realizes our oneness with all humanity, we will all again shift to our true identity as one family of God, created by God to create the good, the beautiful and the holy, created to enhance each other’s joy and to co-create and commune with God. What a glorious destiny we all share, in truth. Let’s manifest it as ONE. United we will prevail.

When God created us, He separated Himself from Himself. This separation was in love and retains our oneness.

When we made ego, we introduced a different kind of separation into our minds – an idea of complete alienation from God. Ego means edging God out. Ego is the cause of our seeing God as vengeful, wrathful, punishing, jealous… God is LOVE, and God created us in love, and love wants only to join, to unite to come together.

Ego on the other hand is the cause of all conflict. Ego knows that if it can divide us it will prevail. Ego knows that in our unity lies our strength, and ego does not want us strong because when we are strong, we will topple the ego thought system in its entirety and thereby restore ourselves to a true experience as God created us to have, where we co-create with God and all our brothers and sisters the world over, as one family of God in love and holiness, and joy and camaraderie.

Source by Yaani Drucker