Warning – We Are Beginning To Feel Each Other’s Emotions

Someone called me a few days ago. She had come to see Selvi the clairvoyant and I for a reading and so she knows what energy work is all about. Lately she said that when she goes to crowded places she feels very ill or very tired. Or sometimes suffer from headaches. And she doesn’t know why.

After asking a few questions about her health and she’s normal, I told her that she was becoming clairsentient. Being clairsentient means that you can feel the vibrations or emotions of another person or place.

Let’s say you are walking around a shopping complex. Depending on your level of clairsentience you will feel the group emotional energy of the place.

Most people have very scattered thoughts and emotions all at the same time. We call this the monkey mind. Put a thousand such people in the same location and if you are sensitive enough, you will be able to pick up the tangled cluster of emotions.

Since most of us are walking around emotionally hurt one way of another, a sensitive person will pick up on these disturbing emotions. And it will affect the sensitive person. She may feel sick or depressed but she doesn’t know why.

Here is another example which we are all familiar with. You enter a room full of strangers and gradually you feel attracted to certain people but repulsed by some. Or you’re standing next to someone and suddenly you feel some pain or discomfort in your heart or your head. Well, you are picking up on that person’s pain.

We once had a young girl referred to us. From the age of 14 she used to suffer pain and discomfort whenever she was in crowded places.

The parents quickly sent her to a doctor. But the doctor could not find anything wrong with her. Prescribed some Panadol and sent her home. For the next 5 years this girl would have these painful experiences but no doctors could find anything wrong with her. Fed-up the parents took her to see faith healers. None of them could find a permanent solution for her – till she met us.

We took one look at her and told her that her kundalini had spontaneously awakened. So that was the problem. In various cases of spontaneous kundalini awakening, the person becomes extra sensitive to people and places.

If she stands next to someone with severe relationship problems or physical problems, her kundalini will make her chakras pick up on those emotions and she will then feel the discomfort on her body. So we told her what was going on and taught her how to detach emotionally from people and places. As we enter the spiritual age or Age of Aquarius, more and more people on the planet are going to experience spontaneous kundalini awakening, whether they are spiritually prepared or not.

You can go to Spiritual Emergency Network on the Net to read about all the cases of spontaneous kundalini awakening.

Kundalini is Sanskrit for the divine feminine spiritual life force, or you could say the YIN aspect of your Godhood.

So if you are clairsentient or extremely sensitive to places what do you do?

At the location itself, you mentally say I detach, detach detach from all these emotions.

Then say I forgive everyone, I forgive myself as often as you can until the feeling of depression, anger or headaches go away. When you get home, take a salt bath. That is a very old remedy for getting rid of unwanted emotions that are attached to your body.

So what on earth is happening? Well being sensitive or clairsentient is something that we are all born with. Some of us are more sensitive and some are less. An awakened kundalini makes you very sensitive to others.

The idea of clairsentience is not new. It is just that when we open our hearts through any spiritual practice we begin to feel MORE. We begin to feel other people’s emotions.

We begin to sense other people’s feelings through the heart. If you turn to the chapter on Corinthian in the Bible, you will read about the gifts of the Holy Spirit. And in truth, clairsentience is one of those gifts.

When you can feel another person’s emotions on your body, you are beginning to experience ONENESS. The concept of oneness is no longer just something that is talked about. It is something that you can now experience.

When that happens, you then begin to exercise compassion for another person. We may have our own unique personality and ego but beyond that the experience of clairsentience tells us that we are all God’s children.

The old saying then comes to mind. Treat others the way you want to be treated. And if everyone does that, well…..when someone is in joy that you too will feel that joy within yourself. If someone is in anger, you will feel that anger. What do you choose?

Me, I choose good old fashion UNCONDITIONAL LOVE every time. That way if someone is feeling happy, and my being clairsentient and all that, I will also feel joy and happiness.

And make no mistake; more and more people are going to become spontaneously clairsentient on this planet.

Source by Andrew Khor