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Equity Is Controversial

Here’s a paragraph from a soon-to-be published chapter on the “equity will not” doctrines–doctrines like equity will not enjoin a crime, equity will not enjoin a criminal proceeding, equity will not punish, equity will not enjoin a libel, and equity will not protect a political right. Equity has always been controversial. In the United States, […]

MSNBC Debate with Michael McConnell on Trump and Disqualification Under Section 3 of the 14th Amendment

MSNBC recently aired a debate between Prof. Michael McConnell (Stanford) and myself on the question of whether Donald Trump can be disqualified from holding public office in the future, under Section 3 of the 14th Amendment. We appeared on the Mehdi Hasan show. Here is the video: Our debate begins about 4-5 minutes in. Thanks […]

Federal Court Strikes Blow Against Categorical Denials of Online Teaching Accommodations

Prof. Katherine Macfarlane and I have a new piece up on the Harvard Law Petrie-Flom Bill of Health blog that discusses the recent successful federal lawsuit by Kutztown University professor Stephen Oross who litigated (and indeed, won on summary judgment) against his employer for prohibiting all online teaching accommodations. Here is an excerpt of our […]

Prof. Richard Re (Virginia) on “Does the Discourse on 303 Creative Portend a Standing Realignment?”

I saw this new article by Prof. Richard Re, a leading scholar of federal courts law and my former UCLA colleague, and asked him if he would guest-blog about it; I’m delighted to say that he kindly agreed. Here’s the abstract: Perhaps the most surprising feature of the last Supreme Court term was the extraordinary […]

Saudi Sentenced to Death for Tweets Criticizing Government

From a Thursday article by CNN (Hande Atay Alam & Celine Alkhaldi): Muhammad al-Ghamdi, a 54-year-old retired Saudi teacher, was sentenced “following 5 tweets criticizing corruption and human rights violations,” his brother Saeed bin Nasser al-Ghamdi tweeted last week. According to Human Rights Watch, Muhammad al-Ghamdi was arrested last year and given little access to […]

Voices for Liberty Symposium on Civil Rights and Free Speech, 9/22, Registration Open!

REGISTRATION OPEN: Voices for Liberty Symposium on Civil Rights and Free Speech FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 2023 | Antonin Scalia Law School and Virtual Visit our webpage for details and registration: * * * * * * * * * * Does free expression help or harm the cause of social progress? Join senior scholars […]

“Myanmar’s Junta Arrests Swiss Filmmaker, 13 Cast Members for Defaming Buddhism”

Radio Free Asia reports: [The defendants] are accused of insulting Buddhist cultural traditions and the morals of Buddhist monks, according to state media. Authorities haven’t specified under which law they would be prosecuted…. The film, titled “Don’t Expect Anything,” portrays the message that it is meaningless to worship Buddha images or pagodas, and instead it’s […]