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Are Bumble Bees Fish? Are Fish Animals?

My eponymous co-blogger Eugene Volokh has called attention to a case that involves the question whether a bumble bee is a “fish” for purposes of a California statute. This kind of problem of surprising statutory scope comes up often (mischief rule to the rescue!). This particular case brought to mind a pithy case I sometimes teach […]

Video of Cato Institute Constitution Day Panel on Recent Supreme Court Cases on “Constitutional Structure”

C-SPAN recently posted a video of the Cato Institute Constitution Day panel on 2021-22 term Supreme Court cases dealing with issues of “constitutional structure.” Participants included fellow Volokh Conspiracy blogger Jonathan Adler (speaking on his Cato Supreme Court Review article about West Virginia v. EPA), my George Mason University colleague Jennifer Mascott (speaking on her […]

Podcast Episode 7 out now

I posted the seventh episode of my podcast “Strangers on the Internet” (the direct link for Apple Podcasts is here). My co-host, psychologist Michelle Lange and I deal with one of the most important issues in the dating and relationship context: how to detect both narcissistic traits and full-blown narcissists. We teach listeners the signs […]

“Classified” On-Line Events Tuesday and Thursday; Bernstein Meets Academic Critics/Skeptics/Allies?

On Tuesday night at 8pm ET, I have a Federalist Society event styled as a debate this with Harvard Law’s Randall Kennedy on racial classifications. I’m sure we will disagree on some things, but I expect overall will be more of a discussion. Register here. On Thursday at 3pm ET, I will be participating in […]

Back In The Studio

In 2017 and 2018, Randy Barnett and I spent nearly eighty hours in the studio to create the thirteen-hour video library for An Introduction to Constitutional Law. Four years later, we were back in the studio to record videos for the Second Edition of the book. The new collection will include some new recent cases […]

“DAD Standing Order”

I came across this docket notation in a case I’m following, and was puzzled about what it meant. A few searches made clear that it was exclusively a U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of California thing, but why? And the orders don’t themselves explain it, just saying things like, If the court does […]

Video of Bipartisan Policy Center Panel on “The Expanding Mandate: Immigration and the Courts”

Yesterday, I participated in an online Bipartisan Policy Center event on “The Expanding Mandate: Immigration and the Courts.” The other speakers were Karen Tumlin (Director, Justice Action Center), Leon Fresco (Former Deputy Assistant Attorney General for the Office of Immigration Litigation, U.S. Department of Justice), and moderator Eileen Gilmer (Senior Homeland Security Reporter, Bloomberg). Video […]

“Saudi Doctoral Student Gets 34 Years in Prison For Tweets”

The AP reports: A Saudi court has sentenced a doctoral student to 34 years in prison for spreading “[allegedly false] rumors” and retweeting dissidents, according to court documents obtained Thursday, a decision that has drawn growing global condemnation. Activists and lawyers consider the sentence against Salma al-Shehab, a mother of two and a researcher at […]