Category: Spirituality

Episode 1 – The Search for an Oasis

  Footage from our search for The Meta-Center’s 2nd location. If you would like to provide assistance give us a call at (888) 969-6465 and ask for Tony. Building fund financial contributions can be sent via Cashapp: $meta2020 OR Zelle: [email protected] In the subject line put: building fund We’re here because of your continued love […]

How to Use the Universal Laws – Part 2

Greetings Everyone, We gathered together for part 1 and now have a firm innerstanding of the universal mechanisms based on the 12 universal laws that we discussed in the video below. Now in part 2 we will be diving deeper showing direct universal mechanics to enact change. Simple yet effective. And with this simplicity of […]

Giving The Glory

Jesus’ ministry was to glorify God. The Holy Spirit’s ministry was to glorify Jesus. To glorify means to honor and praise. Jesus’ message was to reveal God’s Word to the “chosen.” The Holy Spirit’s message was to reveal Jesus’ Word to the Believer. Jesus’ obedience to God’s Word brought honor and praise to His Heavenly […]

Being Spiritually Smart

When it comes to Biblical understanding and its application, many Christians lack KNOWLEDGE and WISDOM. Without these basics of the Faith, the road to spiritual growth will be a difficult journey. When we fail to comprehend what the Scriptures are truly saying, there will inevitably be misunderstanding of foundational truths. Many of the errors that […]