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Myrrh Oil for Wrinkled, Chapped, or Cracked Skin

Myrrh ( Commiphora myrrha ) – PROPERTIES & ACTIONS INCLUDE: Anti-inflammatory – controls, alleviates inflammation resulting from injury or infection Antifungal – destroys or inhibits growth of fungus Antiseptic – prevents, halts infection Astringent – causes contraction of organic tissues Expectorant – helps promote the removal of mucus from respiratory system Immune stimulant – an […]

Research Team – New Training Method

The Meta-Center Research Team will have the beginner to expert explore topics across the realm together. Topics range from the seen to the unseen and there are no limits in the direction the winds of curiosity may blow. In time some of this research will be presented on our youtube channel for you to enjoy […]

No Rhema From God is Void of Power

No Rhema from God Is Void of Power …For no word from God shall be void of power (Luke 1:37 ASV). When the bible says “no word from God shall be void of power,” it’s actually referring to the rhema-word from God and not the logos. Logos is the revealed word of God that expresses […]

Does Acknowledging The Spiritual Aspect Of One’s Humanity Really Conflict With Religious Constructs?

Have you ever laid on warm ground on a late summer afternoon surrounded by the scent of succulent green grass that fills your body’s senses as you gaze at the heavens above? Vapors of particles come together forming shapes seen as clouds that appear and disappear before your very eyes. Laws that dictate these appearances […]

Is Visualization Safe For Christians?

Any form of the word visualization seems to cause a lot of controversy in the Christian world. I’m not talking about conjuring up your spirit guide or anything like that. What I’m referring to is in the area of setting goals. Seeing what it is you want to accomplish. We all do it but without […]

Natural Healing Technique

Do you know what Reiki is? Reiki comes from the Japanese word Rei and Ki. These words are being used in spiritual healing methods. In seeking definitions, Rei can be defined as Higher Intelligence. It is a subtle wisdom that penetrates everything. Ki is an abstract energy that animates all living organism. Flowing on every […]

The Who Am I Koan

When we ask ourselves the question who am I in earnest, we have this expectation that we can answer the question. In reality though it is a trick question which is designed to push you further and further into self, until you surrender completely and find no self exists and the question of who am […]

Review: Spirituality Simplified Authored by Tom Maziarek

Author: Jeff Maziarek ISBN: 0974484105 Jeff Maziarek, author of Spirituality Simplified asserts in his introduction that the principal impetus for his writing his book was to create a spiritual growth book that would be accessible to mainstream readers. Moreover, it would include “the best of the best” content gleaned from a broad mixture personal/spiritual growth […]