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Healing Touch – Claircognizance – How We Know What We Know to Be True

Inner knowing is a skill that involves recognizing how we know things not in ordinary ways. The psychological term for this is claircognizance. However, we might recognize it from the many scriptural stories as “inner knowing.” It is when we receive thoughts, ideas, and concepts that we didn’t learn about in ordinary ways. Upon reflection, […]

Spirituality and Personality: The Psycho-Spiritual Controversy

If you have been involved in either therapy or counselling, or spirituality and meditation, in recent years you have probably encountered two basic, polarized viewpoints concerning personality. Essentially it amounts to this: therapists are pro-personality (and its improvement through healing neurosis etc.) while spiritual teachers proclaim personality a big waste of time, since neurotic or […]

The Beatitudes – Knowing Natural Happiness and Divine Peace Within

Contrary to formal religion perception, the Beatitudes are not about a man teaching spiritual truths to a gathered audience on a hilltop. When esoterically understood, the Beatitudes are about realization of our Higher Self, the attainment of lasting peace and true happiness by means of real connection with God-nature. Composed through this God-nature or Higher […]

Re-Connecting To Your Higher Self

On a deeper and mostly unconscious level, we are all aware of our spirit. Even though we are all aware of this spiritual nature, the challenge in living a truly spiritual life is that we so easily get seduced by appearances. Life is so rich in sensory beauty and we all tend to have a […]

The Tempting of Adam and Eve

The biblical story of Adam and Eve, who represent the first human beings, is an allegory of the fall of mankind and remains a mystery until we understand its hidden symbolism. The symbolic meaning of the following words in quotes enables us to understand the part of the story where Adam and Eve are tempted […]

Spirit of the Dragonfly

The metamorphic act of emergence from nymph to Dragonfly strips away our beliefs of containment of our actions, our limitations, our doubts, and our self doubt. ‘The Spirit of the Dragonfly’ reminds us that everything is possible, we can achieve our dreams and our goals, we learn to understand about ourselves, and our self belief. […]

Health Is Wealth – A Conceptual Critique

People have different preferences towards available life options. Same is true for the statement “health is wealth”. What exactly is it? A simple preference that signifies health is superior to wealth? Or a comprehensive statement that indicates health and wealth are linked with each other, systematically and dynamically? Health is a comprehensive concept, it includes […]

Aum – Primordial Sound of Creation and the Scriptures

Aum is the transmuting vibration which alone contains the transformative dynamic necessary for advancement out of, and beyond, basic human consciousness into Christ consciousness and on to Cosmic-consciousness. Aum, being the Primordial Sound of the universe, is the starting point through which human consciousness commences the transformative journey into Higher Consciousness; the gateway to Supreme […]