Being Spiritually Smart

When it comes to Biblical understanding and its application, many Christians lack KNOWLEDGE and WISDOM. Without these basics of the Faith, the road to spiritual growth will be a difficult journey. When we fail to comprehend what the Scriptures are truly saying, there will inevitably be misunderstanding of foundational truths. Many of the errors that are displayed in the Believer stems from not understanding what the Scriptures are saying. Through misinformation, which is issued through teaching, and aided by visual and audio aids, there is a blind acceptance of the message. Some Believers cannot defend their beliefs with true Biblical confirmation. Teachings that are Biblically unverifiable can lead to uncertainty. Over the years, I have counseled struggling Christians who have questioned their own faith. They had taken Scriptures out of context, and with emotional certainty, failed to experience their hopeful expectation. The majority of these Believers have adopted teachings that are wrong. God’s Word works, but we have to understand its rightful meaning.

One of the problems of not understanding Biblical intent is that we let others teach, preach, and share their understanding of God’s Word instead of opening the Word ourselves. Not every “pulpiteer” is called of God. Sadly, there are pastors that are self-called and, as a result, interpret Scripture with a desire to please their congregants instead of God. There is no substitute for self-examination of God’s Word. When is the last time we sat down and truly studied God’s Word? God said “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge… ” (Hosea 4:6) Believers need to get back to an “open book policy” of reading and studying God’s Word daily. When we gain knowledge from the Word, we need to walk in obedience to the Word. A Believer must be aware of God’s timing. We are called to share the Gospel message, but not in a shot gun pattern where we spray everyone with Truth. Wisdom understands when and where to share the Gospel. When we share haphazardly, we can do more damage than good. There are many who are turned off to the Christian message simply because of timing. Wisdom is needed to understand how to use the Word more effectively. Understanding the role of the Holy Spirit in our lives is essential, not only to our understanding, but to the promoting of the Word.

As we develop Knowledge, we will become more aware of Satan’s role in this world. Jesus called him the “prince of this world.” (John 14:30) Paul identified him as the “god of this world.” (II Corinthians 4:4) Satan uses people to promote his kingdom. One of the tricks that Satan uses is to misdirect Christians. Divisional Christianity divides the Body of Christ. Unification is not politically correct, but is one of the essential aspects to the Kingdom experience. Schisms within the Church will hinder Church growth. Lack of forgiveness is one of Satan’s weapons of choice when it comes to Believers. Forgiveness is not an elective. I have heard people say that they will forgive someone, but not forget their actions. That is just double talk. So much of our actions are based on Scriptural ignorance. Knowledge identifies truth, while Wisdom knows how to implement truth.

In these perilous times we must sit at the Banquet Table and take of the Word until our Spirits are full, and then step out in faith to the challenges of the World. It is not a weekly “Table” sitting, but a daily consuming of the Word. Fully armed is fully prepared!

Source by Paul W Hoffmaster