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A Joy Filled Life

Would you like to have some joy in your life? Would you like to experience some joy in the midst of the difficult circumstances you are facing today? Would you like to enjoy your life? You can and I want to let you know how it happens. Most people, including Christians, think they can have […]

Hallelujah! The Power of the Word

A minister I knew once questioned the depth or “the soul” of a song I wrote because it was ” a song of largely just Hallelujahs”. Today I’d like to take a moment on this issue and look at the word “Hallelujah” in some depth. Its etymology is from the Hebrew and means “Praise Jah” […]

Immortality, Fantasy and Reality

Do you know that human beings are delusive thinkers? We do not realise that we live in a hypnotic world. Our thinking process is hypnotic. The words we use in our minds have a conditioned response in the subconscious mind. The meaning of the words does not matter, but they generate real feelings. The subconscious […]

Transcendence and Meditation – Key to Defeating Coronavirus Naturally

The following four scriptures — plus a key verse from Bhagavad-Gita — when understood and implemented, have profound bearings on defeating coronavirus naturally thus halting its spread globally, for ultimately, self-immunity will be the answer. Keep this concept of health and of self-immunity in mind while reading this article. ‘Jesus rose body and soul gloriously […]

Pandemic Immunity and Successful Prayer

Basically there are three familiar forms of prayer. These are: Conscious directional prayer Conscious awareness prayer Unconscious awareness prayer Later in the article, I will expand upon what many refer to as, ‘Supreme Prayer’. But first the basics. As the saying goes: ‘life is a prayer’. Put another way: what we consciously dwell upon grows, […]

The Spirit of Poetry Through the Anatomy of Poems

When you think about art what comes to mind? Sculptures, oil paintings, drawings, carvings, decorative hand-blown glass art, murals or customized installations? Like a sculpture or a painting, art is about observing and touching the spirit of an individual. When creating poetry, like the attention one gives to shading, adding texture and dimensions to a […]