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Giving The Glory

Jesus’ ministry was to glorify God. The Holy Spirit’s ministry was to glorify Jesus. To glorify means to honor and praise. Jesus’ message was to reveal God’s Word to the “chosen.” The Holy Spirit’s message was to reveal Jesus’ Word to the Believer. Jesus’ obedience to God’s Word brought honor and praise to His Heavenly […]

Being Spiritually Smart

When it comes to Biblical understanding and its application, many Christians lack KNOWLEDGE and WISDOM. Without these basics of the Faith, the road to spiritual growth will be a difficult journey. When we fail to comprehend what the Scriptures are truly saying, there will inevitably be misunderstanding of foundational truths. Many of the errors that […]

Consequences of Division Within the Body of Christ – Spiritual Immaturity and Sexual Immorality

Division in the church is the result of man trying to incorporate their imperfect ideas, perceptions, and religious rituals into the perfection of God’s Holy Word. In the Bible days, the church of Corinth was the perfect example of this type of behavior within the church. Paul did address their behavior concerning this matter and […]

Interview With Phyllis Reid, Author "Anchor in the Spirit as God Beings – More Than Mere Humans"

Phyllis Reid holds a Master’s Degree in Clinical Social Work, an Honor’s Degree in Psychology and a bachelor’s Degree in Behavioral Science. She works as a Psychotherapist, Behavior Modification specialist and Traumatologist with adults and children. She is trained in Journalism and Dramatic Arts and has worked in Journalism and Stage and Film. She has […]

Manifest Your Soul Mate in Five Powerful Steps

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and many people who don’t have a life partner feel depressed, lonely and even hopeless. It doesn’t have to be that way. Each one of you can have your soul mate by next Valentine’s Day, or sooner, by applying powerful spiritual principles in your daily life. If I manifested my […]

What Does "The Pit" Mean in the Bible?

What is the “Pit” mentioned so often in the Bible? This one’s not so easy as one might suspect. Many words, a little Hebrew and Greek. Attention to context. I’m using the King James Bible and the Concordance based on it by another “James”, James Strong. Different translations may have used different words in English, […]

The Words Of Jesus Not In Red

Many New Testament translations have the words of Jesus appear in red to make them easier to locate in the Bible. However, there are less familiar words of Christ found in the Old Testament that are just as powerful and inspired, but for some reason editors have not placed these words in red which is […]