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ROOTS – The Return to the Inner Temple (+Subtitles) || Estas Tonne & Zola Dubnikova

ROOTS. THE RETURN TO THE INNER TEMPLE Text, Spoken Words, Dance & Choreography: Zola Dubnikova Music: Estas Tonne ⭐?⭐Digital download and streaming of this recording is available now!⭐?⭐ Official website: iTunes: Bandcamp Spotify ▶️ Spotify playlist: Filming & Editing: Geri Dagys Voice Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by SoundPro Studios Guitar Recorded by Kie Ben Dov […]

Ancient Aliens: The Secrets of Mankind's Origins (S7, E8) | Full Episode

In cultures throughout the world, there are tales of intimate encounters with otherworldly beings. But could these stories be more than just mythology? See more in Season 7, Episode 8, “Alien Breeders.” Watch all new episodes of Ancient Aliens, Fridays, at 9/8c, and next day on The HISTORY Channel website at #AncientAliens Subscribe for more […]

Antarctica: The Edge of the Earth

Check my other channel Biographics! It’s the land at the edge of the world. A howling emptiness of jagged mountains, broken icebergs, and endless snow. It’s a song of ice and, well, more ice. A land that’s the coldest, driest, windiest, and most uninhabitable of anywhere on Earth. Those who went there knew it as […]