3 Examples of Black Magic That Generate Negative Karma

Black magic is defined as the misuse of spiritual energy including harming another person or attempting to get someone to act in accordance with your desires, especially if your desires oppose theirs.

In our view, spiritual power is to be used only for good. The moment you try to control or manipulate another person, you step over the line and incur negative karma.

Below we list 3 controversial examples of black magic.

1. Every single day the very acquisitive and charismatic minister fervently prays to his savior asking for big donations from his church members. He also emphasizes in every sermon the importance of giving back to the lord. “You can never tithe enough,” he regularly states.

The power of his prayer yields impressive results over his lower middle class, obedient congregation and it’s not uncommon for donors to happily exclaim, “I don’t know what came over me, but I was led to donate a lot more than I had originally planned!”

Over the years, the prayers intensify and the church acquires an abundance of resources allowing the minister to live affluently, well beyond the means of his contemporaries. Since it’s prayer, and it’s in accordance with a religiously sanctioned idol, it’s acceptable, right? Wrong. He might as well be calling on the high priest of darkness and his merry gang of demons in this money scheme. The power of prayer may be divine, but abusing it invites pure darkness, and incurs serious negative karma.

2. A 30-something mother of two young kids wants out of her marriage, but knows her teacher salary and her husband’s income won’t be enough to support their current lifestyles if they separate. She is attracted to her male friend (and his money) who has made it clear to her that he values their friendship, but he’s not interested in her romantically or sexually (he is gay, and everyone is well aware of this, but she refuses to let go of her agenda to have a child with him).

Crystal magic to the rescue! The young lady is obsessed with crystals and spell-casting. Justifying her intent to rope him in to support her (and her two kids, their college education, and her mother) by reasoning that he can afford it and would like it if he just gave her a chance, she attempts crystal-based magic to draw him in and even interfere with his love life.

Unfortunately for her, his acute self-awareness leads him to realize she is attempting to manipulate him and he calls her on it. Instead of admitting the obvious, she denies it and plays the victim, incurring even more bad karma, and their friendship ends.

3. A best-selling New Age author has decided that she would like to “neutralize” the spiritual teachers she deems unacceptable and “harmful to the progress and inspiration of the New Age movement” with the help of her Wicca friend. Unfortunately for the New Age author, who does not believe in karma or reincarnation, by attempting to thwart the success of others, she is setting herself up for a series of lifetimes where she must endure being the target of black magic.

How do you know if you are violating spiritual law in such a way? Simple. If you are attempting to control others in any way, especially if they would reject your request if you had an honest conversation with them, then you are overstepping your bounds and will incur negative karma by utilizing spiritual forces (negative or positive) to sway them to your way of thinking.

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