A Stroll Through The Times Square Gun Free Zone

This evening, I took a stroll around Midtown Manhattan with a goal: locate a Times Square Gun Free Zone sign. I entered the Second Amendment safe space at 6th Avenue and 49th Street. But I saw no sign! Then I walked to Broadway and 49th Street. Still no sign! I walked down Broadway to 43rd Street. I saw no signs.

I then turned up 43rd to 6th avenue, and I found it. A sign!





The sign reads:

Times Square Gun Free Zone. Licensed gun carriers may not enter with a gun unless specifically authorized by law. Violation of this prohibition is a felony.

I suspect these signs are temporary. The laminated printouts were attached to the poll with zip ties.


As best as I can tell, the signs were posted along 6th Avenue from 42nd Street through 47th Street. Alas, I entered the Constitutional DMZ at 49th Street. No notice. But still a felony.

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