Achieving Dreams Using Creative Power Of Holistic Mind – Part Eight

Created Being

In Christianity, in the beginning when God created the Human Being, He made man from the soil. He shaped it up and to give life He gave His breathe. That breathe itself is a creating breathe. It creates life out of nothing. The physical body that God shaped from the ground was lifeless until He gave his breathe. The breathe that came out was from His inner part of the body. That means all His nature and life was replicated in the human form.

Let us now look closely at the wind that gave life. The moment God gave His breathe, it created the real human life-giving self. That Created Being cannot be seen and is like a wind that moves without being seen but the traces can be seen where things move. The confirmation of the spirit entering the body was that the physical body came to life.

A physical body was created once and it acts as a catalyst. It replicates itself by the process of being born. The Spiritual Being is the only component that the Creator continues to create every time. Our real self the Spiritual Being is created and is in its original form. This original form is a pure state. The Spiritual Being is the copy of the Creator and is attached with a cord that is connected to the Creator Himself. That cord is live and is forever attached for communication and other activities back and forth with the creator and the spiritual being.

So if the person’s true self is in the image of God, which means all the powers to do anything is vested in the person. There is abundant power in the person readily available to access. If a person’s mind is constantly communicating with his or her Spiritual Self, everything desired by that person will succeed. The created person is the all-knowing and has tremendous energy. Normally a person who does not know these secrets in which 99% belongs never tapped into the power they have and die unknowing. The created being knows all the secrets and knowledge to do anything. It is us who will have to make way and recognize our Spiritual Being and give it a chance. The secret is to be very positive in everything you do. Reject all negative thoughts and selectively choose your thoughts.

A Created Being lives inside a Born Being, which is the Physical Being. Our Created Being when utilized can create anything. Just like the Creator Himself, His image can speak affirmations and the subconscious creates anything. We also make subconscious create situations by our positive thinking. We will achieve anything when we realize the enormous power we have and realize its potential. The only thing we need to do is to realize the Spiritual Created Being and let it go out and be the controller in our mind. Be positive to kick-start the activation of the true self.

The Created Being does not need training because it knows everything. It does not need teaching because all things are programmed in the mind. It takes someone the positive mind power to release this available energy. Just because the Physical Being overpowers Spiritual Being it doesn’t mean we will not achieve our dreams. It takes a positive mind to release the already available power to attract good into our life.

The Created Being does not die. This Created Being is created by the Creator and lives for eternity. You are that Created Being who will not die. The Physical Being is not you. You have the power to choose the thoughts that come into your mind. What you choose determines whether you shut the door to the Created Being or not. You have to be in a positive mind most of your daily life so the Created Being who is real you will manifest and reflect from your life. The things you need will be achieved in no time because the Created Being who is the Spiritual Being is in control.

Created Being therefore is our true self and positivity is our true nature. Born Being which is a Physical Being is not our true self and negativity is its nature. We are therefore a Created Being who knows all things that we think we don’t know. We therefore have the power to achieve anything we dream of.

I can see that you are now grasping the concept explained here. There is a second last article coming up that will show you how to be a Holistic Being. That means living the life you are meant to be.

Source by Frank Kengkuzifa