Ancient Aliens: Alien Ideas That Changed Human History

Paris, France. This historic museum
houses possibly one of the most substantial legal
message in the ancient world. This stele includes the
Babylonian god Shamash talking with King Hammurabi. As well as listed below them, carved
in picture writing message, are the legislations they
provided to their people. It is called the
Code of Hammurabi. BRIAN MCVEIGH: Hammurabi,
without a question, was among the wonderful brilliants
of the ancient world. And also certainly, he'' s. famous not simply for being the leader.
of ancient Babylonia, but also for turning up.
with what is called the Code of Hammurabi, which was.
the very first written lawful document. JONATHAN YOUTHFUL: It'' s a. primitive document compared to what we have currently, but he.
had an entire system of order, and exactly how taxes were accumulated,.
and also various civil principles, and the instead popular.
penalty, “” an eye for an eye””, which has been.
changed throughout the years– however that he had a system.NARRATOR: The Code. of
Hammurabi starts with a beginning in which the. king shows off his terrific actions. But he additionally creates that the. code itself was dictated to him by the Babylonian god, Shamash. JONATHAN YOUTHFUL: The excellent King. Hammurabi went right into a trance.
And god started determining. this extraordinary paper and also directing it via. the fantastic King Hammurabi, who is speaking it in a voice. really unlike his very own, language unlike his very own. It ' s all originating from god. As well as then when Hammurabi.
gets up from his trance, the scribes read it.
back to him, as well as he has no memory of determining it. All of it came from god. As well as it is great. A fundamental part.
is that Hammurabi did not claim authorship. He understood this was not of his.
making, of his knowledge. DAVID WILCOCK: The.
system of legislation that comes with the.
Code of Hammurabi is so innate to the standard.
moral understandings of how to run a society that a lot of it.
is still protected in some form in our modern lawful system. This recommends that.
the Code of Hammurabi originates from a very.
sophisticated point of origin.Think about it

— Moses, Abraham,.
Noah, the prophets, Jesus, a lot of the laws,.
the regulations, the custom-mades, the customs that.
we have are based upon individuals.
claiming to have been told something by a deity. BRIAN MCVEIGH: Is it.
possible that the training course of human civilization has actually been.
identified not by history'' s most profound thinkers,.
yet by some exterior force that was directing them? The ancients were persuaded.
they recognized the answer. In fact, the Latin.
word “” brilliant”” is where the term genie.
or mythological animal comes from. In the old world,.
the idea of genius had much more freedom.
than our contemporary sight. The genie, which had.
a life of its own, a type of spirit or.
daemon, entered you. You had a connection.
with the genie, as well as it was truly the.
resource of the luster. You were a channel. You were a host. You were involved, but.
it was not as personal. As well as the ownership.
wasn'' t as great.SABINA MAGLIOCCO: The.
Greeks thought that they were influenced by the muses. So what caused a musician.
to find up with a brand-new tune? What triggered a writer to.
generate a brand-new tale? It was the spirit of a muse.
that went inside the person and also created that individual.
to come to be innovative. As well as we see that in.
the word motivate– in spirit. When we state that I'' m. searching for my muse, you are searching for.
the secret with which to unlock this kingdom.
of imagination that resides within each.
and every living being.Is it possible
by reaching this.
transformed state of awareness to come touching.
beings or with entities that are of those different worlds? I assume that this is possible. In the ancient globe, it was.
actually thought that people were influenced from outside.
to have unique thoughts, to have unique ideas.
and genius-type concepts. And also it was coming.
from beyond you. So you need to wonder if.
these concepts aren'' t possibly some type of ideas that are.
being predicted into your mind, potentially by extraterrestrials. WILLIAM HENRY: Maybe.
behind every one of this is an idea that individuals.
were straight influenced by extraterrestrial beings who.
offered them enormous ideas or profound expertise.
that then they were able to share with others. [songs playing]