Ancient Aliens: The Atlantis Stone (Season 12) | Exclusive | History

Atlantis is
a lost island civilization that was initially gone over
by Plato in his dialogues, Timaeus as well as Critias,
around 360 BC. Plato was discussing occasions that took place 9,000 years
before his time. He tells us that Atlantis
was controlled by laws that were engraved on a pillar
that was housed in the Holy place of Poseidon
in the facility of Atlantis. This column was made of
a mystical Atlantean substance called orichalcum, which indicates “” of unidentified origin.”” JONATHAN YOUTHFUL:
It was said
that the Temple of Poseidon … (rumbling accidents) … flashed with the traffic signal
of orichalcum. The copper tint of this steel
caught the focus of the hunters that came
to this spiritual area. This has spiritual effects. There was something
about this metal that was said
to resonate with the divine. ROBERT CARGILL:
In 2015, marine archaeologists
off the coast of Sicily found a shipwreck As well as preserved in the shipwreck.
were steel ingots, 39 of them, which the marine archaeologists
told the world were orichalcum.This increased the concern of, is it feasible that Plato ' s story is real historic'fact and also what was found below in this shipwreck is proof of Plato ' s tale? JEFF WILLIAMS: Currently, orichalcum is 80 %copper as well as 20 %zinc.
What ' s interesting about this is that zinc doesn ' t naturally take place. Zinc just happens in nature as sphalerite. It ' s a zinc-sulfur facility. In'order to produce zinc, you need to actually refine the zinc out of this sulfide. They didn ' t have that technology back after that'.
HENRY: Plato does not tell us anything regarding how orichalcum was mined or exactly how it was made. He just says that it was of unknown beginning.
Nonetheless, offered its connection with Poseidon and also the gods,
we can reasonably hypothesize that it was the gods themselves that educated the Atlanteans exactly how to utilize this very powerful substance. CARGILL: Those that could scented steels, that might function
with steels, this was taken into consideration to be a present from the magnificent realm. This was taken into consideration to be something that humans didn ' t normally do and also was something that needed to be
from'the gods.According. to the ancient astronaut theory, our ancestors were instructed in various.
scientific disciplines. They were taught the process of. metallurgy by extraterrestrials. They instructed them exactly how to work.
metal with primitive means just to get started with eventually transforming
ourselves into the supercivilization. that we are today. CAPTIONING PROVIDED BY. A+E NETWORKS.