Astral Plane – A Look Into the Astral World

Most astral travelers are interested keenly on two planes – the physical plane and the astral plane. The physical plane also called as the earth plane consists of all the physical elements or beings. The astral plane on the other hand though very closely linked or attached to the earth plane is slightly more complicated. Within the astral plane there is said to exist an exact imitation or copy of the earth plane and all its elements.

These are not exactly copies but replicas of the physical elements. Every object on the earth plane has a replica in the astral sphere. An important thing to remember is that beneath the flesh and blood, man is primarily spirit within the enclosure of a body. This spirit is connected to all other beings through their spirits.

There is always a connection maintained within the spirits, and the astral counterparts therefore represent the links between the spirit world and the physical beings. Each and everything that happens in the earth or physical world has an impact on its counterpart in the astral world. Therefore we now arise at the conclusion that the astral world is essentially composed of two types of spirits – the spirits of the ones who have passed on from the physical world and the counterparts of those who are still in the earth or physical plane.

It is because of this fact that we exist as spirit essentially even on the physical world, that we are able to experience dreams, out of body experiences, etc.

There is an intense bond between the astral projection plane and the earth plane and it is through this bond that spiritual guidance and help is rendered. The astral projection plane hence is basically the connection or doorway between the physical plane and higher phases of the spirit world. The astral projection plane is basically called so because there is considered to be light within it that sparkles like stars and ‘aster’ in Latin basically refers to stars.

The astral sphere essentially is a place where a spirit would go upon its departure from the physical world. Every person eventually transcends as a spirit into the astral world. It is in this plane or world that a being truly tends to experience transformation, forgiveness and healing. It is where one truly is rejoined with their loved ones. Often people associate the astral world with evil and negativity as it is the plane wherein you deal with the negative elements of yourself.

But this is far from reality or the truth. It basically is a plane or world wherein one actually comprehends what they have made of their life, confront themselves and their doings and finally gets to evaluate themselves in an unbiased manner. Though some of these procedures may be tough, the end result is summarized in two describing words – healing & transformation.

Source by Abhishek Agarwal