A small cargo ship AMS1 is reported by Hal Turner to be making an attempt to evade the Russian naval blockade of Ukrainian ports by skirting the Romanian border and getting as close as possible via the Danube River. 

The ship is scheduled to arrive at the Romanian port of Braila soon. That is across the river from the purported destination of Izmail in Ukraine. 

The ship is owned by a Turkish company and registered in Sierra Leone. It departed from the Israeli port of Ashdod. There is speculation it is carrying weapons. These companies are generally rather precise about cargo. It should be Hazard A if that were the case, but deception is the rule. As you can see the shipping is thick here. If AMS1 diverts to Izmail, what will Russia do? Is this bait to trap Russia in a broader war? We will soon see.

Hal Turner suggests blasting the ship when it arrives in Izmail. It may unload in Romainia and then ship the content by rail to Ukraine. All is fair in love and war they say. 

We can clearly see how close the ports are. Izmail is the red balloon. 

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