Breakthrough Research Into The Causes Of Eczema And Its Treatment

Eczema known in medical terms as Dermatitis is an inflammation of the skin. Generally, eczema denotes swollen, reddened and itchy skin. Eczema is a common condition. Though not life threatening or contagious it can make one feel uncomfortable and self-conscious. Eczema affects one in every five people at some point in their lives. This article uncovers new breakthrough research into the causes of eczema.

Causes of Eczema as per the modern science – A number of health conditions, allergies, genetic factors, physical and mental stress, and irritants can cause eczema. The causes of certain types of eczema remain to be explained, though links with environmental factors and stress are being explored. Psychological stresses can provoke or aggravate eczema, presumably by suppressing normal immune mechanisms.

Research, treatment and cure of eczema with regards to the modern medicine

The goals in treatment of eczema remains to reduce itching and inflammation of the skin, moisturise the skin and prevent infection. The modern medical science considers eczema to be manageable but does not offer a cure for eczema.

Findings of Spiritual research into Eczema

The Spiritual research shows that problems such as eczema have their root cause in the spiritual realm and therefore in such cases eczema can be completely cured only by spiritual remedies.

Research has shown that one of the spiritual causes of eczema is being affected by ghosts (demons, devil, spirits, etc.) and specific spiritual remedies have been found providing cure for the symptoms.

How does a ghost cause eczema?

Ghosts search for the weakest point in our physical body to attack it. In order to spread its negative energy, the ghost makes skin lesions which then become its ‘centre of action’ from where the ghost can keep spreading negative energy. After making such centres in the physical body, the ghost progressively attacks the subtle bodies like the mental (causal) body, intellect (supracausal) body etc.

Specific spiritual healing remedy to cure eczema is:

Chanting of the specific Name of God

When we chant a certain Name of God, the specific divine principle performing a specific function gets imbibed into the body and a specific divine energy is assimilated in the person. This positive energy then combats the distress-causing ghost and forces it to stop its damaging process. The chanting of the Name of God also creates a subtle protective covering of divine energy around the person thus shielding the person from future attacks by ghosts.

In today’s times the most common cause of eczema is due to dissatisfied subtle bodies of departed ancestors of the afflicted person who cause trouble in the form of eczema causing discomfort. The reason for the attack by departed ancestors is usually to attract attention and gauge assistance from their living ancestor to help them move onwards in their after life journey.

The specific chant to relieve a person from eczema discomfort and assist the ancestors to move on is Sri Gurudev Datta and should be repeated 1.5 to 2 hrs per day for a certain prolonged period of time. In some cases relief was felt even within one week!


  1. The root cause of a seemingly physical illness can be spiritual and the spiritual healing chants can give a prompt and complete cure.
  2. The most common cause of eczema is due to dissatisfied subtle bodies of ancestors and can be treated by a simple chant of Sri Gurudev Datta.
  3. Only those with an activated sixth sense or evolved subtle perception can diagnose the spiritual root cause of our difficulties.
  4. Only the application of a specific spiritual remedy can overcome a problem, which has a specific spiritual root cause giving rapid and complete results.

Even if we do not know the specific spiritual root cause of our difficulty we can safely conclude that a certain difficulty has a spiritual root cause if:

  1. The difficulty shows disproportionate intensity and severity.
  2. If the difficulty does not respond to adequate treatment/measures and keeps recurring.
  3. If the difficulty is overcome by spiritual remedies.

Source by Sean M. Clarke