Caffeine and Psychic Ability – Is There a Link?

There are a lot of people who say that caffeine increases psychic ability. Many experts say that caffeine opens the sixth chakra which is the place in the head where two optic nerves cross each other. It is at the point where the nose meets the forehead and is also called the Third Eye. Through the Third Eye, we are able to see and interpret many things that we could not see if it was closed.

The Third Eye is one of the chakras in the body. It is often blocked, as are many of the other chakras. As we grow and develop spiritually and the Third Eye begins to open, natural psychic ability begins to develop. The teaching regarding chakras goes back thousands of years to the ancient teachings from the Indian subcontinent. Opening the sixth chakra or Third Eye is something that occurs only after a lot of meditation and spiritual growth.

Caffeine makes the mind more alert and able to focus. It can also help the Third Eye focus on the spirit world by receiving messages from high energy spirits of light. Caffeine actually helps the third eye narrow and focus intently on messages that we need to know. Many people believe that the Third Eye simply needs to be open to be psychic, but this is not the case. It actually needs to narrow enough to be directed and focused.

Many psychics with true gifts say that caffeine helps them to focus on the spiritual. Doing psychic readings for others can be very emotionally draining. It takes energy to listen intently to what a client is saying. The psychic must also then try to open the Third Eye to receive messages that are pertinent to the person’s concerns or problems. All of this can take a lot of energy from an authentic psychic. A cup of coffee several times a day or a glass of soda can refresh the body and mind as it focuses the Third Eye.

There is another large group of psychics and individuals who are interested in other dimensions and in developing our spiritual growth that say that caffeine is not good for building psychic abilities. They believe that it should be avoided the same as alcohol, drugs, and smoking. Many of these higher-level real psychics do not eat meat either. They are vegans who eat only vegetables, but some of them are vegetarians who eat eggs and dairy products. They believe in keeping the body pure and say that caffeine disrupts the natural flow of energy through the body.

With so much controversy surrounding caffeine, each person really needs to decide how it affects them. Psychic ability is definitely diminished by feeling nervous and shaky, and caffeine has this effect on some people. Almost anyone is affected by drinking too much coffee or soda. The answer seems to be to find balance in the amount of caffeine consumed. Some psychics drink coffee all through the day and say that it helps them. Others drink only a half cup of coffee and say that it is just enough to help them be more psychically aware.

If caffeine is doing little to help your psychic abilities develop, at least it can help you stay alert to read books and articles about psychic ability and spiritual growth. There are so many materials written about this subject that it would take a lifetime to read them all. You may want to begin by reading about the chakras and discover more about them. Another good beginning point is to discover how psychics use tools like tarot cards and crystals.

Source by J. R. MacDonell