Cancer – You Need To Die To Live

Deadman walking, cancer diagnosed people are often called such. But I should say, I would rather walk dead with a mighty spirit than walking healthy with a rotten spirit inside. I fought cancer by letting my physical body died every day, yes I die to live. Let me tell you there are ways to get rid of that cancer without fighting with chemotherapy or radiation. Let the battle be in the spirit realm.

The fact that you have cancer is because your physical body is weak. You may have not nourished it with the right food or you are feeding it too much unhealthy food that it creates cancer. Your organ was weak because of malnutrition and toxins that lead to body system malfunction. If you are well fed with good food then you might as well have good cells making your body organs healthy and creating harmony in your body systems. So why go for chemotherapy and radiation?

Chemotherapy and radiation only damage your body cells making it less possible for you to recover. Others may also develop another cancerous lump in other parts of the body after chemotherapy and radiation treatment. I should know I have been there. I graduated with six sessions of chemotherapy and 33 days of radiation. I fought a good fight against cancer and yes I came out victorious if not of my faith of the great healer I might also be one of those who line up again in the cancer center waiting for their turn for chemotherapy with high dosage. But no! I researched for the best cure and I found the blood of Jesus.

So why you should go for chemotherapy? Why did I undergo such killer therapy? I was totally blinded by the information that this is the only way out of cancer. Of course, faith was already in my heart but I cannot take the risk of disappointing my family from not pursuing the treatment. If only I knew how physical body could drown into the depth of pain, suffering, and deterioration after the treatment I would never allow myself to be in that foolishness again.

Yes, I would say it is foolish to poison yourself when you know that your body is already weak. Chemotherapy and radiation is a poisonous treatment that usually brings people to the grave. I should know, two of my friends in the cancer center said goodbye after having a high dosage of the treatment without even reached their one year anniversary in the cancer center. So where is justice for these people? If Chemotherapy really works then why are so many out there still having the sickness, struggling to live with pain even if they undergo the said treatment?

Only God heals. If you are having cancer or any disease, try to figure out why did your body created such and then proceed to nourish your physical being with the right food and the right ways to strengthen yourself and be guided with the holy spirit. The battle against cancer does not always in the flesh but in the spirit. Pray and you will be guided. Let your body die so the spirit of the Lord will be strong in you. It means you have to detach yourself from worldly activities like entertainment and lust. Less of you and more of Him. Because man does not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God. Matthew 4:4

Source by Jennifer Marimon Gamus