Dagara Divination

Dagara Cowrie Shell Divination

Dagara cowrie shell divination is an ancient divination system used for thousands of years by the Dagara people of West Africa to access the underlying spiritual currents in one’s life. It is a tool for healing, development and empowerment. It is a system which reconnects humanity with their spiritual blueprint, also known as destiny or life plan. It allows one to know if one is on their path and if not, the steps which need to be done to get back on one’s destiny path. The Dagara divination system is based on the Dagara Medicine wheel, a cosmological model of the universe which express the interaction of the fundamental spiritual elements of existence. It is believed that the interaction of these elements give rise to the various phenomena in our world. A key to understanding this interaction is through divination.

What is divination?

Is it superstition, witchcraft or magic? Physicists say that roughly 99.9 percent of the known universe is what we call dark matter. All of the stars, planets, and other known matter of the universe consists of only.1 percent of the mass of the universe! The implications of this statement are astounding in expressing our triviality. If we can equate dark matter with the spirit world then we can then truly see how important and vast the realm of spirit is in the understanding of our existence in this universe.

The art of divination allows one to access the information hidden within the spiritual realm of the universe. It is the Yin energy of the universe which explains the Yang. Yin is the feminine energy of the universe which is hidden. Yang is the masculine energy of the universe which is seen. For thousands of years Africans and indigenous people around the world have used divination as a tool for accessing hidden information as way of healing and improving the life of man. While there are many who disapprove the use of divination, due to seemingly approach to God’s omniscience. However, it is good to remember that the very purpose of divination is to help prevent one from encountering danger which may be on their way to the client.

In one way to understand how divination works is to envision the universe as a big ocean. In that ocean every movement causes a ripple or wave affect in the water that affects or shifts everything else in the ocean no matter how big or small. Every act that occurs is a ripple in the ocean of life and divination can identify that ripple.

Another way to understand how divination works is to see the spirit world as a double of the physical word. Every action in the physical world is thought to precede by the same action in the spiritual world first. For example as you read this article, this would mean that your spiritual counterpart read this article first in the spiritual realm. This is why divination can sometimes offer prophetic information.

Dagara Medicine Wheel

Dagara cowrie shell divination is a means for the ancestors to guide man. It is believe that the ancestors are one of our most powerful spiritual allies. They assist the development of our culture and lives to insure it’s success. The Dagara divination system is based on the Dagara Medicine wheel, a cosmological model of the universe which express the elements. The elements and their associations are listed below:

Fire- Representative of the ancestral realm. Also signifies passion, intuition, drive and vitality.

Earth- Representative of our planet as a whole and also our homes. Signifies our home, community and nurturing spirit.

Water- Representative of the healing and reconciliation presence of water. Signifies peace, cleansing and flow.

Mineral- Representative of communication, storytelling and mental formulation. Signifies all media, talking and memory.

Nature- Representative of the creative expression of one’s gifts as well as transformation. Signifies transformation, our talents, magic and creativity.

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By Jamel Cherry

Source by Jamel Cherry