Download The Cases From The 2023 Barnett/Blackman Supplement

Every year, Randy and I add a handful of new Supreme Court decisions to our casebook’s supplement. And I make it a point to edit the case the day it comes out. Doing so forces me to fully understand a case before I talk about it. (I marvel at op-eds written within hours of the release of a two-hundred page opinion!) Last year we added nine cases to the supplement: Dobbs, Bruen, Kennedy, Carson, WV v. EPA, City of Austin, Shurtleff, Torres, and Vaello-Madero. This term was far slower, and five made the cut. You can download them all here:

I considered for inclusion three other cases that were close, but ultimately did not make the cut: U.S. v. Hansen (overbreadth), Samia v. U.S. (Confrontation Clause), and Counterman v. Colorado (threats).

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