Fiery Salamanders – Nature Spirits of the Fire Element

According to legends around the world, a salamander is a nature spirit closely associated with the element of fire. Descriptions of their appearances differ widely, but most are centered around a lizard-like shape a foot or more in length. Fiery salamanders are said to associate with all forms of fire from volcanoes to candle flames.

The fiery salamanders are considered the strongest and most powerful of all the elementals. Fiery salamanders have often invoked fear among men. Their destructive powers are truly legendary. For this reason, many alchemists in the middle ages sought to exert influence over the salamanders and other nature spirits to gain power themselves over weather patterns and other forces of nature.

Paracelsus, a Swiss philosopher of the 15th century, believed that they were composed of the substance which may be called spiritual matter, or ether. Although all nature spirits resemble man in some ways, they are more akin to the spirit realm in their abilities. The association between the term salamander and the concept of fire has been retained in modern times. The term salamander has often been used for naming ovens, heaters and the like.

Salamanders are one of the four main types of nature spirits: gnomes (earth element), sylphs (air element), undines (water element) and fiery salamanders (fire element). The salamanders are under the direction of their hierarchs, Oromasis and Diana, who in turn serve the Elohim. Elohim is an ancient Hebrew term for the builders of creation.

Salamanders, along with other nature spirits, are guardians of the earth. Salamanders play an important role in the spiritual world and in the maintenance of the balance of the earth as a physical platform for mankind’s evolution.

Source by Rose Greenwood