Hollow Knight The Grimm Troupe Lore Explained (Outdated)

UPDATE! Check out the new and improved Grimm Troupe lore video here:

Hollow Knight’s second content pack brings us a good chunk of lore to discuss. Also, we mourn the loss of another beloved NPC, Leg Eater.

Please comment below who you think Bretta will end up with, or if you think Team Cherry will just kill her off, and leave us a body to stumble upon in a future update. My personal theory is the Hunter. They are both writers, The Hunter is basically everything Zote isn’t, and The Hunter could use another interaction to make his character feel more fleshed out.

I didn’t give myself a month to make this like I did my last video. So while it might not be as polished, I do hope I am able to present this new lore in an informative and entertaining way for you. Thanks for taking the time to read the description, You’re the best. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.

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Video Chapters
00:00 Spoiler Warning
00:10 Introduction
00:46 Grimm Troupe
04:58 Brumm’s Betrayal
07:57 Horror Influences
08:54 The Path of Pain
14:18 Weaversong Charm
15:04 Divine
16:03 Bretta’s Departure
17:10 Final Thoughts