How Hollow Knight Was Made and First Appeared on Newgrounds

This Hollow Knight documentary details the development of the video game Hollow Knight and goes behind the scenes of its creation. Discover how Ari Gibson and William Pellen became friends and eventually came up with the idea for Hollow Knight while participating in Game Jams together. Afterwards, they quit their jobs and founded their own Indie Studio called Team Cherry. After almost three years of development, the 2D platformer would go on to be a huge success, selling 2.8 million copies as of February 2019. Team Cherry announced a sequel called Silksong in 2019.

The documentary also explores all the design decisions that Team Cherry made and how the game started out as a top-down survival game. It also details how the developers wanted to make Hollow Knight stand out from other Metroidvania games and how challenging it was to balance the game’s difficulty.


Outro song: Thank You R.G.E. – Joe Bagale

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