How scientists solved this dinosaur puzzle

We’ve never found a fully intact T. Rex, but we know how to build one.

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When paleontologists uncover a dinosaur they usually only find part of the animal, but when we walk through a museum we see exhibits that paint a full picture – so how do they fill in all those blank spaces? In the early 1900’s artists used to hand carve the pieces, but we’ve come a long way in the past century  – both technologically and scientifically.

Now, we’re living in what some call a “golden age” for paleontology. Researchers are uncovering nearly one new species of dinosaur a week – making building exhibits easier and more efficient.

Norell’s newest exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History called T.Rex: The ultimate predator is open through August 9th 2020:

If you want to learn more about the Brontosaurus mishap and revival you can read the study here:

Throughout the research, I also found this really awesome interactive graphic that show where and when various fossils were found:

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