Journey To The Earth's Core | Is There A Hidden Inner World?

There’s a very prevalent myth that the Earth is a hollow sphere, and beneath the crust, there is a whole new world full of superbeings and unimaginable phenomena. The hollow Earth theory is now completely rejected and has no basis in reality. Now we know that Earth is a solid ball of rock with an upper layer of crust, a long layer of the mantle, and at the center, a solid core. This solid core is surrounded by a liquid outer core whose movement generates an electric field and it further produces a perpendicular magnetic field that envelops the planet.

So far we have managed to study the upper layer of the crust. The deepest hole we have dug is only 12 km while Earth’s radius is 6,371 km, so we have been able to explore only a few percent of Earth but what if we could somehow reach the center of the Earth? Today let’s go on an adventure and take a journey to the Earth’s core.

00:00 Is Earth Hollow?
01:04 Jules Verne’s Journey To The Centre Of The Earth
02:23 Drilling Earth’s Surface
03:51 Drilling Earth’s Mantle Layers
04:28 Passing Through Earth’s Outer Core
05:32 Entering Earth’s Core
06:06 Net Zero Gravity

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Journey To The Earth’s Core
What’s Really Inside The Earth’s Core?
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