“Knight Institute Publishes First Essays from ‘Lies, Free Speech, and the Law’ Symposium”

Katy Glenn Bass summarizes and links to the four essays, from Helen NortonDeborah PearlsteinMark Tushnet, and me:

The … essays … focus on doctrinal and definitional questions about the regulation of lies in public discourse: What is the First Amendment status of false speech? What rules do or should apply to different kinds of false speech, like intentional lies, mistaken statements, or opinions based on falsehoods? What justifications exist for those rules? These are critically important questions to answer because the First Amendment provides the primary constraint on the government’s power to punish speakers who deceive…. Later this fall we’ll publish the next set of papers from this symposium by RonNell Andersen Jones and Sonja West, Sam Lebovic, and John Witt.

I found the symposium to be very interesting, and I thought some of you might, too.

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