March Open Thread (2023) – The Corbett Report

Pop quiz! It’s the first weekend in March, so that means

  1. The ides of march are just around the corner.
  2. Spring is about to spring.
  3. It’s open thread time.
  4. All of the above.

Leave your answer in the open thread below!

Also, feel free to:

  • discuss the latest news and events from around the world;
  • talk about the big picture issues that are on your mind;
  • try out the latest RPG videogame, Owner, by Corbett Report viewer Giacomo and let us know how it is;
  • discuss James’ presentation (and the other presentations) at the Lifestyle of Liberty webinar or the Attack on Food symposium:
  • share some good recipes for wholesome, organic cuisine;
  • tell us about your day;
  • or share anything else that happens to be on your mind.
  • As always, remember: these threads are what you make ’em! Enjoy!

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