Maximize Your Reiki Power With Brainwave Entrainment

If you are a reiki artist, brainwave entrainment will improve the value and quality of your reiki treatments by aligning your brainwaves with the collective consciousness and most importantly, with your client’s subconsciousness, giving you access to the blueprint to their life. It is from this vantage point that you can create and call the energy needed specific to your client.

Brainwave entrainment is a powerful technological tool that alters the brain’s dominant frequency, by the introduction of a repetitive stimulus, like sound and/or light, in pulses or beats. The brain’s natural response to a consistent, repetitive pattern is to follow it, changing it’s brainwave frequency to match that of the stimulus. With this process, it is very easy to draw the brain into an altered state of consciousness by deliberate intention. Entrainment allows you to access areas of the brain instantly, that would otherwise take years of practice to achieve in the natural way. Accessing the collective consciousness is easy this way and can be used to help power a number of different psychic abilities and skills.

Reiki is one application that can be enhanced with brainwave entrainment. Reiki has its own consciousness and contains the loving wisdom of the highest spiritual power. and by intending to improve the quality of your treatment, it will naturally guide you with the help of entrainment. Reiki comes from an infinite supply of energy. There is no limit to its healing power. Entrainment will have you tapping into the source, strengthening the energy that is flowing through you, and will ultimately lead you both, you and your client, to a strong healing spiritual experience.

How To Use Brainwave Entrainment During A Reiki Session

  • Before you do a session, do an entrainment on your own to draw reiki power, to prepare yourself to be a vessel for reiki energy. Suggest to yourself that your reiki is getting stronger. Imagine, visualize the reiki power symbol. While in an altered state, use your affirmations for your intention with this particular client.
  • Put power and master symbols on your palm chakras, to open and energize them, and down the front of your body to protect and empower yourself.
  • Spray the room with salt water to release any negative energy. Don’t forget to spray under the table and in the corners.
  • Call to your higher power for assistance and blessing.
  • Use of incense, essential oils or fresh flowers will raise the vibration level in the room.
  • Put reiki symbols on each wall, ceiling, floor, corners, center of room. Fill the room with healing energy.
  • The quality of the energy in the room should be of the highest–play your isochronic tones entrainment (can be played on a stereo, no headphones needed) recording for both of you to hear as you begin your treatment.
  • Place reiki symbols into your client’s crown chakra and heart chakra to raise their vibration.
  • Merge your mind with the flow of the tones or pulses and raise your energy. You’ll know you’re connected when you feel uplifted, optimistic, joyful, peaceful, spiritual, and full of unconditional love.
  • Begin your session by asking for a healing guide or angel to help you. You can pray during the treatment, asking for guidance.
  • Raising your vibration will attract a special healing guide that will help you channel reiki to your client.
  • Open the pathways through your body to that of the client’s body.
  • You should see the dark energy leave your client.
  • You will see visions of a higher plane at this time and may see why the client needed a healing treatment.
  • The brainwave entrainment recording will make it easier for you to to communicate with your higher self, the client’s higher self, and the reiki consciousness. All three will be aligned and incredible healing will take place.
  • You will also receive a healing treatment at the same time as your client.
  • When the session is complete, with the blessings of reiki, you both should feel rejuvenated. You’ll both almost feel intoxicated so take it slow coming back into the physical world. Don’t turn the lights on right away. Bask in the remaining energy that is still in the room.

Using brainwave entrainment will help you produce an amazing spiritual healing experience quickly and most effectively. Your client will be blown away. You both will feel things of the highest nature and will be well on the way to healing.

You’ll make the perfect connection to reiki consciousness with a specialized brainwave entrainment recording in isochronci tones.

Source by Wanina Petlock