Neil deGrasse Tyson Slams Flat-Earth Theorist B.o.B

if you invested whenever on Twitter
in the previous two days, after that you'' ve read about our following tale. Rap artist B.o.B. blowing up Twitter with his theories on the actual form of the planet. Rapper B.o.B.– probably you recognize him for hits “” Airplanes”” as well as “” Nothin' ' On You”– he securely believes that the earth is flat. He is on a Twitter goal to prove it, as well as he states he has photographic evidence and also that we'' ve been deceived all this time around Mm. Mm. You recognize, men, first time.
I listened to “” Nothin' ' On You”, I absolutely assumed, “This B.o.B.Guy– he is

the one to lastly take down that asshole Aristotle.”” Take him down. Take him down. Seriously, however, these tweets are incredible. “” … the horizon is constantly eye level …” “” “When you go level you never ever return””? “” … where is the curve?”” Um, B.o.B., if you'' re. looking for the curve, you got to call Sir Mix-A-Lot. That is a guy.
that did not refute science. He did not. Am I right? I'' m not existing about that. Okay. Anyhow, so this thing.
went viral. As well as even world-renowned.
incredibly scientist and also pal of The Nightly Show
Neil deGrasse Tyson got included and also shot down some.
of B.o.B.'' s backward rubbish, which prompted B.o.B. to launch a diss track called “” Flatline””. Right here'' s a taste. ♪ Neil Tyson.
require to chill out his vest ♪ ♪ They'' ll most likely write that.
male one heck of a check ♪ ♪ Flat line, level line ♪ ♪ You obtained me as soon as.
but that passed away, aye ♪ Oh, (bleep)! This (bleep).
just obtained actual, y'' all.Uh-oh. I'' m gon na inform you–. resemble we'' ve got ourselves a r. code red scientific research emergency. So I'' m gon na need to.
do something I hardly ever do. I got to strike.
the scientific research panic button. WOMAN: Scientific research emergency.
protection program initiated. Science emergency situation defense.
program launched. -Oh, my God. -Science emergency situation.
protection program initiated. (target market supporting, praising) WILMORE: Hey, Neil … Neil deGrasse Tyson! -Larry?
– It'' s Neil deGrasse Tyson. Neil deGrasse Tyson, everyone. Yes. Check out …
consider that. Thank you.- Larry …- Yes? I ' m attempting to consume my dinner,
. I got your distress call.-I say sorry

, I recognize.
– Is every little thing fine? No, Neil, every little thing.
is not all right. This B.o.B. BS around
. the earth being level is obtaining out of control. Can you please assist us? Uh, h-hold my sandwich. -Oh, certain, fine.
– I'' m sorry. Right here, you take that. Here, below, you desire your … -Oh. Oh. Oh, my God. Okay.
-( audience cheering, applauding) Looks excellent. All right. Go. All right, listen B.o.B.,.
when as well as for all. The earth looks flat.
because, one, you'' re not much sufficient away.
at your size. 2, your … your size.
isn'' t huge sufficient loved one to earth. to notice any type of curvature in all. It'' s a fundamental fact.
of calculus and also non-Euclidean geometry. Little sections.
of huge curved surfaces will always look flat to little.
creatures that crawl upon it. But this … however this entire point– it'' s just. a signs and symptom of a larger problem. There'' s a growing. anti-intellectual strain in this nation that lots of th … that might be the start of completion.
of our notified democracy.O-Of course, in a

free society, you can as well as should. assume whatever you want. And if you intend to assume the. world is level, go right ahead. Yet if you assume the globe. is level as well as you have influence
over others,. as would certainly effective rappers or also
presidential candidates, after that being incorrect becomes being dangerous– to the health, the riches, as well as the security. of our citizenry. Discovery and exploration.
got us out of the caves. As well as each generation benefits
from what previous generations. have learned.Isaac Newton, my male,. said, “I have … “If I have seen.
further than others

, it '
s by standing. on “the shoulders of giants.”( applauding, whooping )- WILMORE: Yeah!( whoops).” -Can I obtain an amen? So that ' s right, B.o.B.,.
when you base on the shoulders of those who came previously
, you could just. see much enough to recognize the earth isn ' t (bleep) level. As well as incidentally … this is called gravity.

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