November Open Thread 2022 – The Corbett Report

Alright, you know the drill by now (or maybe you don’t!): it’s the first weekend of the month, so it’s time to open the monthly open thread.

Do you want to discuss the latest news from around the world?

Hankering for a lively discussion about philosophy or history or science or anything else that’s on your mind?

Are you looking to share your opinions of Seorais Graham’s new radio play, “Liberation Is Not a Recognised Protocol“?

Would you like to start a Corbett Report listening club to discuss James Corbett on How to be a Conspiracy Realist?

Or perhaps this is all a moot point as the numerically-predicted end of the world is apparently upon us . . . but for real this time! (Perhaps it can save us from that dreadful bore of a (s)election circus that I’m told is happening in America somewhere.)

Whatever the case, Corbett Report members are invited to log in and engage in discussion in the comments below.

Not a Corbett Report member yet? Sign up today and join the conversation.


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