Number Chanting

According to the science of Spirituality, chanting is the recommended foundation of spiritual practice in the current era i.e. the era of strife. Chanting can be done with the aim to progress spiritually or as a healing tool, or both. Chanting for spiritual growth is done according to the religion of birth and one of the ways to assist oneself in the process of healing from physical and mental disease is number chanting.

What are Number Chants?

Number chants are specific numbers which have been found out and confirmed through spiritual research, that when repeated alleviate specific symptoms caused by negative energies. Number chanting is basically to be done as a remedial measure. For example, by repeating the number ’61’ dryness of skin caused due to distress by ghosts is overcome.

The Advantages of Number Chanting

An advantage of this remedy is that it is more universal and easy to undertake, especially for those who cannot repeat the Name of God for any reason (either because they are atheists or simply do not have the interest to grow spiritually but do want to get better).

How does the number chant work?

  • Good health is a state of predominance of the subtle basic sattva (purity & knowledge) component in the various organs and systems of our body. Any illness basically entails an increase in subtle basic raja-tama component with a concomitant decrease in subtle sattva component. The specific number chant generates purity and restores this imbalance caused in a particular symptom to normal, thereby removing the symptom.
  • Each number chant corresponds to a specific principle or a specific aspect of God. By chanting that number, that particular deity principle or aspect of God is invoked; this in turn acts as a divine medicine to combat the influence of the ghost responsible for the particular symptom.
  • Keep in mind that if one were to directly chant the Name of God one would get greater benefit.

The recommended quantity and time for chanting

It is recommended that one should perform this remedy on a daily basis. The amount of time per day can be decided according to the severity of the symptoms.

  • For mild afflictions: 1-2 hours per day in a single session or in a number of sessions.
  • Moderate: 3-4 hours or more.
  • Severe: Do the remedy for as long as possible every day even after the symptoms have disappeared.

The effect of Number Chant combined with other spiritual measures

It is advisable to complement the number chants with frequent prayer and Nyaas whenever possible. This helps to channelise the specific spiritual energy generated from the chanting to specific spiritual energy centre (Kundalini chakra) from where it is disseminated, to the organs receiving spiritual energy from the spiritual energy centre.

One should continue the chanting while engaged in other routine physical activity like exercising, taking a shower, cooking, eating etc.

The role of faith in number chanting

Faith helps, but one can still derive benefit from number chanting even if one does not have faith in it. This is akin to the fact that one does not need faith in an aspirin to derive the benefit of the aspirin. So also, number chanting is a spiritual medicine and one will derive benefit by putting it into practice whether one has faith in it or not.


Many seekers of God doing spiritual practice have experienced and are experiencing the relief from symptoms of illness by chanting the number chant.

One can gain the benefits of spiritual healing by doing these simple chants oneself, however, we do recommend that one continues with one’s medication as prescribed by one’s doctor and practice number chanting to speed up one’s recovery and healing.

Ailments such as eczema, cold, fever, mouth ulcers, asthma etc that have the root cause in the spiritual realm can be overcome by Number Chanting along with regular medication.

Source by Sean M. Clarke