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How and when did the universe begin? No other scientific question is more fundamental or provokes such spirited debate among researchers. After all, no one was around when the universe began, so who can say what really happened? The best that scientists can do is work out the most foolproof theory, backed up by observations of the universe. The trouble is, so far, no one has come up with an absolutely indisputable explanation of how the cosmos came to be. Another question is– Why are galaxies moving away from us or it’s we who are receding away? If everything is moving away, then was there sometime when all these were much closer to us? Let’s dive deep into the origin of our Universe.

00:00 Newton’s Idea of the Universe
01:16 The Origin Point
01:45 Ancient Greek Philosophies
02:22 Term “Big Bang” & The Steady State Theory
03:23 Einstein’s Blunder
04:16 The Egg Universe Theory (Cosmic Egg)
05:14 Solvay Conference 1927
05:45 Big Bang Nucleosynthesis
06:17 Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) Radiation
08:44 Methuselah Star & Age of the Universe
09:20 Problem of Singularity & Cyclic Universe
10:17 Big Bang is a Misnomer
10:52 Imaginary Time
11:22 String Theory, Symmetry, Loop Quantum Gravity & Kalpa System

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Narration: Kyle Gray

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