Physical Awareness – A Spiritual Dream State

Pilate, in the New Testament of the Bible, asked Jesus, “What is truth?” Indeed, here on earth, what is truth? There is no truth! Any lie enforced by power and backed up by lasting propaganda (teaching) will become accepted as unshakable truth. The idea of the United States of America is a fiction to start with. Today the fiction has been altered so much from the original that a person if a person not familiar at all with the USA would compare the original with the present USA, he would not be able to see any relation between the two. Yet, everybody on earth holds it as truth that the United States of America exists and is the same s the original. The difference lies in the power of propaganda to make you believe whatever the propaganda strategists wants you to believe. How is that possible?? It is because the lie is enforced by power and enduring propaganda that becomes part of our understanding of life from almost the day we are born. All there really is of America is land, water and creatures; the idea of the USA is superimposed on these through continuing propaganda and a powerful system of enforcement of that propaganda and changes of plans incorporated in the continuing propaganda that has turned the white of the original American contract into the black of the present American belief in what America stands for. I do not mean this to be in relation to races of people but white as truth and black as lie as compared to the original.


If there is nothing here on earth that can be pointed to or thought of as being truth then the universal realm is a realm of lies; or better expressed a virtual realm. In earth we learned one thing, everything is relative; nothing is fixed; even the heavens and earth will alter and vanish. Every concept can slide along a spectrum between poles of opposites. Liberty has slid into the regions of slavery but is still accepted as liberty. In politics we can observe that conservatism has become liberalism but yet this liberalism is still referred to as conservatism- -and it is all so important to us. Insane is it not? Democracy has turned into oligarchy. A clique of rich people runs this nation. Votes are bought and those funded by the richest clique of highest bidders wins.


Yes, votes are bought. Why, do you think that the candidates and issues that are funded the most win? Because money , and what money can do, always wins. So, what is truth? In earth truth is a fiction.


Obviously, truth is of another spiritual realm and of entirely different dimensional scales and perspectives. It is a realm that must be understood from a perspective of spirit and not from a worldly frame of mind. The spirit of truth in Jesus as god of that spiritual realm wants us to come to life again in that realm by forsaking the underlying lies that ejected our soul consciousness from true reality into the void of non-beingness. That was and remains his ultimate purpose for coming among us.


There also is a spirit of deceit in the person of Jesus. It cannot be any other way. If Jesus expressed his beingness among us in the flesh, then his flesh embodies that spirit of lies/evil. So, we have two opposing kinds of spirit in Jesus. One spirit, proclaimed to be Christ that is the evil because that spirit proclaims physical reality and some kind of heaven that accompanies it. There also is a spirit of anti-Christ in Jesus because that is the spirit of truth that came among us to oppose the Serpent’s lie in Chapter 3 in the book of Genesis of the Bible, which serpent now reigns as god Jehovah (Allah, the Great Spirit, Brahman, Thor, etc.) in the creatures’ mind-projection of the universe.


So, here we have the contradictory facts to religious and general human understanding that what we call good is actually spiritual evil and what is humanly and religiously understood as evil is actually spiritual good.


If we are now dead to true reality, how did we become dead to it and how can we become again alive in it? The answers lie hidden in the last part of chapter 2 and the entire 3rd chapter of Genesis in the Bible. Adam and Woman believed a lie about the reality of paradise and about the god who created true reality as a place for them to be.


When a lie is believed in a realm of pure truth, one can be sure that one must die away from that realm; because if we believe a lie in a realm of truth about that realm of truth we have exchanged true reality for a fiction. We are stuck with and in the fiction until the erroneous belief is shed and the entire truth again encompasses our total reality. When that is accomplished, the fiction must fall away and be replaced with truth- -the physical universe must vanish and true reality must resurface in our awareness. I believe this will happen at the natural death of the one who has understood this principle completely.


A good example of the deceit in the belief in a lie is our emotional identification with a movie or TV program that grips us so strongly in our imagination that we actually imagine to be the hero/heroin in that movie and feel and act as if we are that hero. I write this to give you an example of the power of belief in a fantasy. For a time it can change our entire outlook on things. Spiritually, of course, this feeling is amplified into ejection from the realm of truth.


Another example is a case of puppy love among teenagers and/or adults. The feelings of love are so powerful that they obliterate our entire sense of importance. We are possessed by the erroneous feelings of love for the other person so that sanity can fly completely out the window of one’s mind. For some people these feelings of puppy-love can persist an entire lifetime.


There can be no doubt that physical reality is a constructed reality; hence there must be intelligence and a power that composed it and keeps it suspended in our sense of awareness. Any item of construction is a fictional expression. The secret deceit in our reality is that the observers are as integrally a part of environment as the things, feelings and events observed in it. The observer is designed to be able to observe its environment- -this, really, is a requirement in the devising of an artificial environment for creatures placed in it to feel at home in it. All they can be aware of, of course, is this artificial environment. That is why, most generally, the sense of awareness in spirit is entirely locked out from our creature sense of awareness.


Human minds are guided along pre-established, slick tracks of spiritual misconception that cannot be bridged by human intelligence whatsoever. These spiritual misconceptions are considered by them to be the basic underlying truth of the entire physical reality. This unbridgeable track of misconception is the essence of creature awareness. We, as physical creatures, are as caught in the creation as creation itself. Where there is a creation there must be a creator. The sneakiness of the entire plot is that there is a hermetic seal of separation from the creature side of the situation between the lie believed in spirit by soul and the awareness perceived by the physical creature projected by that soul in the fictional setting. As long as soul continues its belief in the deception it must continue to die and reincarnate into this physical frame of awareness as there is absolutely no other place to be for soul. Now one can see how vicious the trap is that keeps us from our place of true beingness. It is a hermetic trap in the minds of souls that believe in the deception.


I propose in truth that souls caught in soul’s mind as creatures in this universal creation are the projectors and suspenders of this creation due to a prior error/lie believed in truth so that an alternative realm of being had to be fashioned, an artificial realm of fiction for souls to be in, in mind, but not in body. This must be so because our environment is collectively seen and understood by us in the same way. We have a memory-system that allows me my place and you your place wherever that might be. I know you are ‘there’ and you know I am ‘here’, wherever ‘here’ and ‘there’ may be in the construction of our physical understanding of physical reality. Know that we are only dealing in our understanding of physical reality, although we know really nothing of it or about it.


The soul body still lies in a coma somewhere in the realms of truth. Universal awareness is thus a spiritual dream-state. The composer and conductor of the fictional reality, of course, is the deceiver him/her self- -the lying serpent who reign by default as our god- -a false god.


Many people and religions believe that hell is somewhere else. That is a wrong notion. Being out of communion with true reality is hell. However, hell has many portals. The human portal still has an exit available. Once souls get trapped into animal and plant existence all portals of escape are sealed.


Creature existence is based on experiencing evil. It is based on remembering bad experiences. Since there really are no good experiences, creature experience is hell. The human portal allows understanding of the principles of good and evil. If we repel evil and deceit in all their manifestations we receive spiritual help to return to the realm of good- -true beingness with the true creator and father of us all.


There are many articles written by others about truth and reality. For their content search the internet with: ‘the truth about reality’ and ‘truth and reality’. These articles, of course, are all based on ordinary creatures’ collective viewpoint of reality in a spiritually devised, fictional system called “physical universe”.

Source by Hans VanKrieken