Reiki And A Balanced Life

Spiritual laws have been given to us throughout the centuries. One of those laws repeated countlessly by wise teachers is balance. Reiki is all about balance and symmetry. Reiki gently permeates our being at every level, helping us, supporting us to move into a balanced state of being in all areas of our lives. For some of us this balancing act could take years. Symmetry physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally is our birth right, but we have just forgotten how truly important it is.

It doesn’t matter what happens to you, it only matters how you deal with it. Trust, tolerance, gentleness, patience, and persistence are the keys to success. All journeys start with one small step. Be brave enough to take steps, one at a time in life, even if you are not sure where the path seems to be going. One of the goals passed on to us by Takata (the first Reiki Master in the West) is, “Just for today do not worry.” The wisdom behind this statement is profound. Trust that the Universe is friendly. Trust that we are part of an orderly Universe. Trust that we are taken care of, no matter how it appears to us.

When I was a child my Irish grandmother used to tell me a wonderful story. Coincidentally, I have read or heard three or four versions of this story over the years.

There once was an Irish potato farmer whose pride and joy was his beautiful, strong black farm horse. Every day the farmer and the horse plowed his fields, pulled out stumps, or fixed fences. Everyday the farmer stopped work at noon, unbuckled the horse’s harness, and let the horse graze freely while he ate his meal under a tree. One day a huge thunderstorm rumbled across the green Irish hills and startled the horse. He ran off across the hills, and the farmer could not catch him. Well, his neighbors gathered together in the local pub trying to console the farmer. They were very concerned and said “Oh, poor ol Sean!” This is such bad luck. He will never be able to get his fields ready now for planting.” As they started to tell him how terrible things looked for him, he just smiled quietly and said, “We will just have to wait and see. We don’t have the full story yet.” But his friends and neighbors were very worried. They knew this was definitely bad luck.

A month later the potato farmer’s horse came back with fifteen beautiful mares. The farmer corralled them all, and his neighbors crowded around saying, “Oh, what good luck! This is wonderful!” The local pub was filled with tales of what a great thing this was to have happened to good ol’ Sean. But the old farmer just smiled and said, “We will just have to wait and see. We don’t have the full story yet.” But his neighbors went away talking about how great his luck was. A few weeks later the old farmers’ son was breaking these new high strung horses. One particularly wild mare threw him off so badly that he broke both of his legs. The farmers’s neighbors were back shaking their heads at the farmer’s terrible luck. Now they were all really worried!

The farmer just smiled and said, “We will just have to wait and see. We don’t have the full story yet.” Of course, all of his neighbors knew that poor ol’ Sean was cracking up from all the stress he had been under. They couldn’t imagine what the old farmer was thinking. Nothing good could ever come from his son having two broken legs.

Then the government declared war and sent out a proclamation to all the towns and villages across the countryside. “All able bodied men in the villages and on the farms were called to fight for their country.” Many knew the country was not really in a position to fight this war and they feared their sons would not return home safely.

All the young men, except the farmer’s son because of his broken legs, had to go off to fight and leave their families. Now the neighbors knew this was amazing luck, but the old Irish potato farmer just smiled and said, ” We will just have to wait and see. We don’t have the full story yet.”

When I am tempted to judge a situation or worry about things I can not control, I think about my grandmother’s story and the old Irish farmer. Reiki helps us gain perspective and be able to wait and see because we know we don’t have the full story yet.

Source by Patricia R Upczak