Reiki Self Attunement – Spiritual Meditation Exercise

If you are looking for a good spiritual meditation exercise for Reiki self attunement, you have come to the right place. Since Reiki has come to the west, we have been told that the only way to receive an attunement was from a Reiki Master. Recently, we have found that people are able to attune themselves easily, and just as effectively as being attuned by a master.

The following is a simple meditation exercise that you can try in the comfort of your own home to jump start your knowledge on Reiki self attunement and spiritual healing.

1. First, start with your feet spread out about a yard apart and your arms straight out to your side.

2. Turn your left palm up and right palm down. Begin deep breathing. The deep breathing helps to draw the purity from the air into your Solar Plexus.

3. Visualize and feel the energy entering your Solar Plexus and build up. Imagine and feel this energy distribute throughout our whole being. At the same time imagine the energy flowing into your left hand, through you, and out of your right hand. Do this for several minutes.

4. Next, inhale, hold the breath, and continue the same visualization. You should now start feeling the energy rush.

5. Continue this meditation exercise for as long as you wish and enjoy it.

For a more intense effect, this exercise can be done outdoors. By doing this outdoors, you may feel a stronger rush of energy since you will be also working with the forces of Mother Nature.

This is only a sample of many other meditation exercises that can be done for Reiki self attunement. By doing these exercises, you will be able to open your hearts more to the spiritual realm and purify your mind, body, and soul.

Source by Val Felcetto